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As a child I grew up with ABBA, Pippi Långstrump, Bamse, Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter, Trazan och Banarne, Vi på Saltkråkan, Pojken med guldbyxorna and also Mumintrollen.
I love Pippi, she is my heroine. So on my trip to Sweden I got some Pippi stuff that I will show later but also for the first time some Mumintrollen stuff.....or Mumin like you can also say. Mumintrollen is about a troll family created by Tove Jansson. I remember thinking that Mumintrollen were kind of sad and a bit scary to watch when I was little, there was a character called Mårran and I was scared of her. Besides that Swedish children's TV when I was growing up was great and very pedagogic and educational, I learned a lot from watching Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter and Pippi Långstrump is a wonderful role model for girls I think. When I arrived to Sweden from Poland as a child I spoke no Swedish and I got teased a lot and from that I became shy and very insecure. I was the only foreign born child in first grade and that was not fun I quickly learned. In second grade we moved from Tumba to Handen and I got to know new friends like Carmen that I am still friends with today. I quickly learned Swedish from reading a lot and in the end I got mostly high grades on everything that had to do with writing and reading Swedish. And later I studies other languages like most kids in Sweden do. School went on and I grew out of being insecure, thank goodness. Now I feel super confident and strong.
Well, here is my Mumin stuff. A tray that I will keep on the kitchen counter so I can put car keys and sun glasses on it. Some postcards, coasters and Mumin on key chains. I think I will attach those to one of my purses.


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Mandy on :

Aw the Mumin are so Hello Kitty. First I though you were talking about those scary trolls. And Pippy Longstocking!! I keep some key chains on my purse too...for looks and a theft deterrent. Nobody is going to steal a loud purse!
Did you have Polish language helpers in school or were you kind of lost until you learned the language?

Tatiana on :

They ARE cute! :-)
You know what, I can't recall any language helper in first's kind of a blur but I want to say no. Second grade for sure not.
And the in fourth grade my Mom made me get Polish lessons (Hemspråk) once a week, I hated it in the beginning and I was soooo embarrassed about it too but now I'm glad she arranged for it.

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