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At The Office

I'm back at the office, Coffee Roasters that is. The two baristas that work here must be two of the prettiest girls in town, I like both of them.
Anyhow, I am still not back to normal. It will take a couple of days to get back into the rhythm of things. But life has slowed down significantly, from going non stop, doing stuff and being around my family and my friends every day, I am now back to solitude and Chhaya. I'm not complaining, I love Chhaya of course. And my house (gorgeous). If it wasn't so complicated to bring dogs into Sweden (the long quarantine and the long time it takes to travel there) I would probably be in Sweden at least three or four months out of the year. It would be good for me and my family, plus I would be able to spend time with people the way I am accustomed to. I could have a lot of "friends" here too, if I liked to socialize by getting drunk, acting stupid, talking shit and being fake. And since that is not who I am, things are the way they are. But at least I have REAL friends, you know the kind that are hard to find. It's easy to rack up acquaintances, having the gift of real friendship is something totally different.
I checked the mail yesterday......besides bills I got something from Mandy. Too bad she lives in Michigan because I think I would enjoy her company. Not only did she send me something really cute, she also spent time drawing on the envelope, full of details. She even drew a dog on it, I'm guessing it's Chhaya. I keep certain things forever and I am going to keep this envelope. Thank You Mandy! ❤
Well, I want to go to the gym and I have to take Chhaya on a long walk today......the mosquitoes are plenty this year. Again. Last year it was so bad the stores were sold out of mosquito repellant and they were talking about the annoying little blood suckers on TV and in the local newspapers, it seems like it's just as bad this year. And I am not exagerrating they swarm you as soon as you step outside. I already got bit a few times since I have been back. And every time Chhaya comes back inside from going out to pee I have to swat her with a towel to get all the blood suckers off her. Gross!

OK......I am getting serious Sweden withdrawals right now, have to fight back the tears.
Jag saknar alla så mycket!!!!


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RoseMarie on :

Vi saknar dig med❤️

Tatiana on : blir jag ledsen igen.....hoppas vi ses snart igen. Det maste vi! KRAM!

Mandy on :

Heeeey! I was pretty mad when they stuck those ugly stickers to my cool envelope haha
I googled the dog quarantine thing, figured it was like Hawaii because of the rabies. There you can get a health clearance and avoid quarantine, you'd think they would offer something like that. That and a non stop flight. You should be able to buy her own seat too!

Tatiana on :

If there was such a thing as a health clearance (going to Sweden) a direct flight (which there probably is from NYC) and the option of her own seat next to me.....then I would take her.
I would totally pay for Chhaya to sit next to me, it makes me so nervous to have her fly caged up in the space with all the suitcases.....I only fly with her like that when absolutely necessary. I hate it.

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