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Another perv incident from the past.......LOL

The Peeping Tom the other day made Tatiana remember another time she encountered a perv. This is some years ago when Tatiana spent some months dancing in New York City. Great memories!
Tatiana went to New York with her friend Shelley. One of the most beautiful girls Tatiana has ever laid eyes on. Gorgeous.
Tatiana and Shelley rented a small, cheap room in Spanish Harlem, the first time they were in NYC. It was really interesting. They would take the subway to work and home again, in the early morning hours. Nothing ever happened. Safe, always.
Tatiana is looking back at her NYC stay with happiness and melancholy. She misses that time, life was great and looking back she should had stayed there but instead Tatiana and Shelley went back to CA and shortly thereafter moved to Las Vegas. NYC is soooooo much better than Vegas.
Tatiana loves New York. She wants to go back.
But back on track......the perv incident!
Shelley and Tatiana were strolling through Times Square subway station. It was early afternoon. Suddenly, out of nowhere Tatiana felt a hand reach up under her skirt, going for her fine behind and/or THE VAGINE! WTF!? She dropped whatever bags she was carrying and just screamed out really loud, shocked! Shelley and Tatiana turned around and went after the rat perv that had the nerv to do this. This weirdo, somehow, snuck up behind us and decided that he just needed to get a handful of Tatiana. And somehow crouched down and reached under Tatianas skirt, which wasn't obnoxiously short or anything, mid thigh, it was August. He ran as fast as he could but we caught up to him. And gave him a nice beating. He was pretty scrawny and he was wearing a backpack, somehow he wormed himself out of the back pack and got away. We decided to just let him go and ripped up whatever was in the back pack. Shelley definitely gave him some good punches before he got away. This was in the day time, there were people around and no one did anything btw, they were just staring at us.
Oh, memories........ Tatiana misses Shelley. Lots. Here is a pic of us.........


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Sam on :

You are beautiful. In your other pictures you are cute or sexy. You are beautiful in this picture.

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