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Husky dog sled ride

The Fur Rondy is in town. Tatiana needed to participate somehow, so she went down to Westchester Lagoon today to go on a dog sled ride. This was arranged by the All American Husky Rescue, a non profit organization that rescues huskies. So Tatiana gave them a donation in exchange for a fun lap around the lake on the ice. She also gave the puppies two bags of dried chicken treats. The huskies were so cute and so happy! And so good at pulling.
One day Tatiana would like to be able to rescue animals.

You know that you can visit Tatiana at The Bush and get a song, or many, FUN times on YOUR lap for a nice donation too?

Also, did you go to yet to help feed dogs and cats? If not, then please do so, it only take one minute of your time.
Thank you from Tatiana.


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Sam on :

Where are the pictures?

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