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I got to Coffee Roasters a while ago, sat down with my yummy latte and a blueberry muffin (baked at the premises). It's raining since a few days now. The fire which was raging here a few days ago is more under control now and the evacuated residents were able to come home. I worked last night, there is so much drama and stuff going on in this small club that it's insane. I had coffee with a girl I work with yesterday and that is exactly what we were discussing, all the drama here. I have worked at clubs with hundreds of girls and there were less (that I noticed) bullshit going on than here in this small club. But I guess that might be just the way it is in a small place and a small town. Sharon described me to somebody at work yesterday, she said that she thinks I am beautiful from the inside out. That warmed my heart and made me feel grateful and teary eyed. Sure, it's nice that others might think you have a nice exterior but when others think that you are a nice person - that matters more.
To me. I get teary eyed a lot, several times a day. Just thinking about Chhaya, people I miss, reading the news, seeing that sad ASPCA commercial on TV with those poor animals. I can't take it. Sometimes I wish I could turn off feeling, it's too much at times. I scrolled down through the news and read about an elk called Big Boy that some bloodthirsty cop shot.
The residents in the town where Big Boy frolicked are outraged, Big Boy was kind of a fixture in town and supposedly never harmed anyone. I got sad. Why did the elk have to die? Why kill an animal if all you want are the bragging rights and the animals head on your wall, maybe feel extra tough and powerful that day too? Why? I don't understand it. We have a store in town called Sportsman's Warehouse. When you walk in you walk past a large wall, the wall is full of pictures of people showing off the animals they killed. They hold up their heads, some sit on the animal - grinning. OK, I know that this is Alaska and some people hunt for subsistence, this is legal and accepted here. But do you have to be such a show off about it? Don't get me started on pure trophy hunting. I can't stand it. It makes me sick. I should put up my own pic on that wall inside Sportsman's Warehouse, me hugging and kissing a moose baby or holding a chicken or a little piglet. Showing off that I love animals.
One more absolutely HORRIBLE thing has happened (again) in a different part of the world. Two young girls in India (14 and 15) were found dead hanging, they had been gang raped.
It hurts to read about this, I'm thinking about the two girls and the horror they went through. I don't understand how a human can do this to another human. How can a gang of guys attack and rape a girl or girls and then hang them and let them die? This must be somewhat acceptable in India since it seems to happen on a regular basis.
And with acceptable I mean, the punishment for raping and discarding of women, doing what you want to women if you are a man over there seems to carry a punishment equal to a slap on the wrist. If you are a woman that get raped in India chances are that you will be ostracized afterwards. I can't even think about it anymore, I feel helpless and sad. Is it that difficult to know wrong from right? I am not free of fault and sin. But you don't knowingly harm another person or animal. Unless you defend yourself and examples like such.
Other than that, it is WRONG. What is wrong with people?
Well.....that's all from me today, I feel drained. I am going to take Chhaya for a long and refreshing walk in the drizzling rain, I have to clear my head......Here is a pic from the other day.


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Mandy on :

Reminds me of this:
I'm sorry, but going out and killing things as a sport makes you sick in the head. There is something mentally off in someone that enjoys that. Makes you wonder how they treat the people in their life if they have such a disregard for life. Jeffrey Dahmer was obsessed with dead animals, kept their bones as trophies, look how that turned out.

Tatiana on :

Yep....I have to say I agree....
But I can't look at that link....unless it was actually the moose that killed the hunters and not the other way around.

Bambi on :

I agree with Mandy. I think if a person becomes happy from killing any living creature, that person probably has some distorted feelings as far as their ideas or perceptions of happiness. It takes a certain type of mentality to enjoy killing; whether its an animal or person.

Tatiana on :

At the same time, we (most people in the US at least) eat animals without even thinking too much about how they lived and died.

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