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So I cracked open a vial of the Phytocyane and applied the serum to my scalp after washing my hair last night. I'm going to do this every time I wash my hair until the vials are gone.
Very fancy, all I need is a white lab coat. Let's see if all my hair falls out now......
I also gave Chhaya a vegetarian small can of dog food. Brown rice, cracked barley, oatmeal and carrots.....I was curious to see if she would eat that and she did. Gobbled it down real fast, she probably thought it was one of her regular cans of beef.
What else.....I had a very annoying experience trying to order something important online this afternoon. What usually takes perhaps 30 minutes turned into a two hour plus ordeal with me having to call and talk to a customer service rep and I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown out of sheer frustration for about five minutes. But that is done and taken care of now and I can breathe a long sigh of relief, make myself some lentil soup and maybe chant a few om's to calm down.
There is a new rumor that Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend (child) Casper is cheating on her......not so smart of him I think...... ;-) I never thought Casper was anyone Jennifer should bother with anyways, I said this a long time ago (it's in the blog.....of course!). I love her, I think she is beautiful and she can dance. Come on now Jennifer, if he cheated he needs to go! But for now, it's only a rumor. Nothing confirmed. And every couple have different rules and agreements for their relationship. Maybe they have an open one? I don't know. Not my cup of tea (and I prefer Earl Grey and English Breakfast if you wonder) but I have never tried it. I wonder if my baby Vlad (Putin) would be OK with sharing me with Rihanna or Chester (Bennington). Or some other good looking boy, someone that likes big Ford trucks perhaps? Hmmmmmm.......I refuse to share my Vlad with anyone!


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