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Personal Challenge and Breaking Bad

This evening I decided to give myself a personal challenge.....and I succeeded. I ran the longest I ever have.....for 50 minutes. I am not a Kenyan long distance runner, so don't expect too much of me but I keep a pretty good pace. I have a certain route I run on the roads by my house and I basically doubled it. When it dries up a bit in a few weeks or so I can add on to the run by maybe 10-12 minutes. I don't think that I will make this a regular thing, maybe a once a week thing if that, the longer run that is. Plus I need new running shoes, I've had mine for over two years now and they are just regular Nike's not specifically made for running.
I think I need two pairs, so I can switch in between them, if YOU have a certain pair in mind for me, e mail me and I will send you my mailing address. :-)

So far I've had a FANTASTIC day.....and its' going to end even better. I just sat down with the last season of Breaking Bad so I will be occupied with Walter and Jesse for a couple of nights. In case you haven't followed my blog for a while....I LOVE Breaking Bad, it's the best show ever! And to celebrate the occasion I threw together some amazing Breaking Bad pics.


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Mandy on :

Aahahaha you put a gun in the cup!
So are you running running for 50 minutes or just fast walking??
I can do it for approximately 45 seconds.
But you bring a gun while you run, because bears? And what would you do if a bear ran at you? Would you play dead or try to outrun it?

Tatiana on :

45 seconds? Girl you need to come here and I will whip you into shape....after your visit you will be able to run for 10 minutes and like it! LOL!
When I say I run for 50 minutes that is what I do.....with no breaks, and it's a steady jog, not a fast walk but not some running like I'm trying to compete with Usein Bolt either.
Bears.....and what would I do? Well they tell you what to do on TV here once in a while but would I remember that if a bear ran at me? Probably not. Depending on the type of bear, you should play dead or run, sometimes try to look big and scary or fight back. I would maybe climb a tree.....although bears can climb. I would probably faint and hope for the best.....
Do I run with that gun? Nah.....I run with my semi automatic rifle strapped to my back.

Paul on :

Nice pic of the gun! Sad to see BB come to an end, but they brought it to an end very well (I am looking at you, true detective!).

Here is Dawkins channelling a bit of Jesse :

Tatiana on :

Since my Netflix has been uncooperative for a couple of months now....I went to Blockbuster and rented BB, it said "final season" on the box cover. BUT I found out that I still have a few episodes left.....
Thank you for the link.....!

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