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Bread and Coffee

I woke up at 9 this morning......I decided that it was a bit too early for me and snuggled up behind Chhaya and drifted in and out of sleep for another two hours or so. It's gray and cold out so no more tanning outside until the sun decides to come back. I had plans of working Thursday and Friday but Thursday I had some unexpected guests come over and we made a fire outside and hung out, that was nice. Then yesterday I got occupied with a new book, Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. I'm addicted to reading, sometimes so much that nothing else (besides Chhaya and food) matters. I am also addicted to this bread that I found at Fred Meyer a few months ago. They bake it in the store and fill it with raisins and cinnamon, soooooo good. I love bread. So last night I was reading my book and eating bread.
Super exciting Friday night!

Now I am at Coffee Roasters, aka my office. My fave barista (ONE of them, I have like topped my latte off with a pretty heart. ❤

This is my everyday "look". Jeans by Seven For All Mankind, t shirt from Whole Foods and Hunter boots. I think I need another pair of Hunter boots, like in orange or green. Heels in Kenai, besides at work? Not so much. Make up and shit like that during the day? I would never bother.

Well, I might work tonight since I am the assistant manager and all.....I need to make sure that my bitches are behaving and making money. ;-)
And more importantly.....that the pervs are spending money!
Maybe a run before work too. I talked to my friend Rose-Marie in Sweden the other day and told her I went for my first run of the year the other day, she is a runner and she goes on way longer stretches than I 10 K or more. The girl has stamina and determination!
She told me to run further so I pushed myself a little yesterday and instead of the usual 25 minute or so run, I did 36 minutes. I love it, it feels great. Hej du läser det här.....jag saknar dig en massa!!!! Kram!


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