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There have been so many horrible accidents lately. The Malaysia Airlines jet that disappeared with hundreds of people on board and is thought to have crashed into the ocean with no survivors. The bus crash in CA. The South Korean ferry disaster with so many people dead and hundreds still missing, drowning in the ocean. The avalanche on Mount Everest. SO SAD.
I get very emotional over stuff like this and imagine the victims last moments and struggle for survival. Were they scared? I wish I could take away their pain. And what about the anguish of the surviving relatives and friends? How awful. One minute we are here and alive but that can change in an instant. But then I'm it better to live until you are so old that you can't function on your own anymore, when you need others to do the things you took for granted for you? Is that better? Again I'm thinking about life and death a lot right now and wonder if the life we live here, on Earth, is some kind of a cruel joke, basically a long road of suffering. Some people really suffer. They are hungry, abused, hurt. Live under difficult circumstances with seemingly no hope for a positive change. What is the meaning of a life like that? Maybe death is a sweet relief in the end. Maybe death is the beginning of what's awaiting us next, some form of heaven or paradise? I can only hope because I have a very difficult time in coming to terms with that this life here is it. It can't be!
I have been out of the loop with the global news lately but I have heard bits and pieces about the situation in Ukraine. Some people think that we are on the brink on World War 3.

(Pic borrowed from

Putin is considered to be the most powerful man in the world, according to Forbes magazine and I can guarantee according to him too. What if they would just divide up Ukraine into two different countries? Like how former Yugoslavia decided in splitting into seven different countries. Or the Czechoslovakia breakup into two.
I guess Putin was asked if he was planning on taking back Alaska know the 49th state used to belong to Russia and he said no because it's too cold. He also said, "“Who needs Alaska?” Putin obviously doesn't know that I am in Alaska. HELLO!!!?
What can you say about Putin? Here he is on one of his many adventures.....riding a horse in Siberia.

(AP Photo/RIA Novosti, Alexei Druzhinin, POOL)

Besides this I have been listening to rather scary accounts of whether the US truly is a democracy or an oligarchy. What do you think? I think people in general are like a herd of controlled sheep. And I include myself in that herd. It's scary. Ignorance is bliss, until shit hits the fan that is.


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Mandy on :

Fucking hate politics. It's all money motivated which it was never suppose to be. It stopped being a democracy a long time ago. Total Oligarchy. I'll never vote again. It's sickening that the world is being polluted and people fucking die everyday and it all boils down to money.
Can't take that shit when you die.
There are billionaires that are still miserable, I cant imagine what it's like to never be truly satisfied with what you have. People value material bullshit over stuff that is actually important and more fullfilling. Compassion is so incredibly rare.
Maybe people are being smited...smh.

Tatiana on :

What scares me is the pollution, the over population, the misery some live in, poaching animals (soon there will be no more elephants, tigers, rhinos mainly because the high demand from Asia for ivory and other exotic animal body parts), the genetically modified food that we eat and the diseases we contract from it (perhaps designed to kill us)....will there be water left for us to drink etc etc.
Everybody is focused on themselves and what they need, the bigger picture and what's good for the planet is nobody's concern because it is easier to zonk out in front of the TV and not think about it. Too many in the US idolize the Kartrashians. I don't see anything great in them. I believe in population control for everybody if we want to survive. Reproducing like rabbits should be illegal today.
If I was a billionaire I would spend most of my time devoted to altruism and helping animals, that would make me happy and I would live my life with true meaning.
I am far from perfect and I still have lots to work on....but at least I care and I am aware. And I'm so glad that you too Mandy are!

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