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Rave 4 Valentine's

Tatiana knows that you really want to know what she did for Valentine's.......
Well......she turned down the massive amount of fans and went to a rave called HeartBeat. Dressed in pink and black, supercute.
The rave was amusing, that would be a good word to describe it.....and kind of boring. Not like the parties Tatiana attends in LA where the music is amazing and the vibe is the same. Tatiana knows that most people at HeartBeat had lots of fun (clinging to their glowsticks......) but it was just not Tatianas kind of party. Let's just leave it at that. Tatiana doesn't want to be mean so she is going to keep the comments to herself. Oh, there's nothing like Monster Massive......"sigh"......

Tatiana hopes that YOU had a great Valentine's. She is sending you many hugs and here are some Valentine's pics.
Tatiana just had to show the whole world what a nice butt really looks like....... ; )

Oh, the images are not if you blow them up to study Tatiana in detail you might see a bruise, a zit ec.......whatever, it is what it is.....PERFECT!


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Anonymous on :

Oh Tatiana.. your ass is so fine!

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