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Thyroid And Massage

I started my day hyperventilating under my hoodie. I went and drew blood to get my thyroid checked, I have been feeling tired a lot lately, sluggish, unmotivated and I have also lost a lot of hair (WTF, not funny) since I am in Vegas, Julia insisted that I go into a lab to get this test done. While there I decided to go all in and splurge on a vitamin B12 shot too, never had one before. Since I am very scared of needles, veins and blood.....the nice ladies working at the lab had me lay down on the table, Julia held my hand, they all talked me through it while I covered my face with my hoodie, chewed on the lollipop in my mouth, hyperventilated and fought back the tears and then it was over with. The results will be back in a few days.
Just thinking back at it now makes me feel weak in the knees and queasy. One time when I went to the doctor for some kind of a procedure that required blood to be drawn I was so scared and jumpy that I had to go home and come back another time, better mentally prepared.
Afterwards me and Julia went to Whole Foods for lunch, I have been eating there everyday. That's my latte from Whole Foods and the band aid on my arm is proof that I drew blood. Then we went to the park and walked.

It is now 1 am here and I came home a while ago after having a two hour long massage with my favorite lady Cathy. I love Cathy, I sometimes fantasize that she is rubbing my feet and calves, the best ever! Cathy is from China and our verbal communication is rather basic, today she told me, "You good, you still look beautiful". Awwwww........Cathy is maybe 5'2 and no more than 105 lbs but she is strong. Can't wait to see her again!

I'm going to take my vitamins now, got flax seed oil today for the first time, take out my contacts and go to bed.


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Annette on :

Julia is a good friend :-) Primrose Oil is another great supplement for all sorts of ailments. It helps with PMS, fibrotic cysts, skin.... I take it with my flax seed supplement. Massages.....mmm!!!

Tatiana on :

I have been thinking about adding Primrose oil to my vitamin intake. Right now I am taking many (for me) different vitamins, never taken this many before.

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