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New At Work it felt like spring! 41 degrees and melting snow everywhere, I am hoping for an early spring this year because last year it took until May to warm up here....I was like WTF!!!
I have been feeling so tired lately, for some time now. It takes me forever to get out of bed, even after seven - eight hours of sleep and then I want to take a nap later in the afternoon. My personal physician, Julia has ordered me to check my thyroid. I guess I will do this but I have a problem with needles, I almost faint when I have to draw blood and I get very scared and cry almost every time. This stems from bad childhood memories, I was very sick when I was around 3 years old and had to undergo lots of tests and stayed in the hospital for a long time. They drew my blood, gave me shots and I was sad, scared and little. And now I can't handle needles. My friend Rose-Marie told me that I should get some iron pills and something called Blutsaft. So I am doing that tomorrow. It could be a mild form of SAD too, Seasonal Affective Disorder, its' common here. what's new at work?
CRAZY got fired, this happened last Saturday because she got into it with The Bulldog and supposedly pushed her and that was it. No physical "violence" is tolerated, so she got fired. Earlier that night she told me about her meds and some of her problems and I felt bad for her. I do not think that she should had been allowed to drink at work and I told this to management. I think that was irresponsible on their part, when they knew something wasn't right with her. The answer I got back is that they don't run a babysitting business, true. But if you hire a girl that's obviously mentally unstable then you can have a talk with her and decide that consuming alcohol mixed with her meds is not a good thing. I felt bad for CRAZY when they fired her. Especially since her and The Bulldog got into it over something that The Bulldog and her sidekick FUGLY do on a regular basis, rip guys off. But The Bulldog pretended to be holier than thou. I can't stand her, she is so fake.....UGH. I am allergic to fake people.
I'd rather have real and blunt than fake every day of the week.
Then some new lady started last weekend, I doubt she will be back. She had never danced before (from the looks of it, I didn't ask her) and it is not for everybody, you know.
The Bulldog was coaching her in the dressing room in her annoying and fake voice (I don't like when people have obviously fake voices) telling her (loudly so I could hear), "It's not about being the most beautiful girl, all you have to do is smile a lot because guys like that, guys don't like girls that don't smile". Sure, smile all you want like an insane person, but it sure helps looking good, if you work as a dancer, that's reality. I can sit there without a fake smile plastered on my face and somebody will come up and want a dance. The new lady was very nervous and spazzy and would not stand still for two consecutive seconds, guys would probably pay her to leave. I don't see her making any money, she was there for one night and I haven't seen her since. The Bulldog forgot to mention that it also helps to be a really dirty dancer and let guys finger and examine your VAGINE for $ 40, she does that shit all the time. Then it doesn't matter if you smile or look long as you are willing to do stuff like that. Gross. Looking "beautiful" helps....I don't have to resort to desperate stuff like that to make money....neither do I want to.
What else.....? Some weirdo came in the other night and blabbered some story about him being a duke, speaking 13 languages and that he could take me away from "all of this."
Yeah, that's all I need, some weirdo that is full of shit. I don't need to be saved from anything, thank you though. Save yourself, you need it more than me. Later on he busted out in a jerky chicken dance when "Moves Like Jagger" came on, very SEKSI. I was like, WTF? I bet if I would had spoken French or German to him he would had been sitting there with a dazed look on his face.
Then there was some other weirdo in there that told me, when I asked him how his day was, that he started it off with a 1/2 gram off meth and coffee. OK then.....good for you! And then there was a guy that was "disappointed" with me because for some reason he was under the impression that I has promised him a ride home last time he was in there. What? That pissed me off and I interrupted him and told him that he was very mistaken. Maybe in HIS head, in his wild imagination I had promised him a ride home. But I don't give random dudes I meet at work rides home at 4 am, I don't want to have to fight off a possible rapist. I don't hang out with random dudes after work, I go straight home. And I don't promise stuff like that either, ever. Why even bother, I don't have time for that.


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Annette on :

Do you know how funny you just cracked me up...I am laughing out loud and Jax is looking at me :-) thank you for making my day better. The way you describe your work environment is priceless. I wish I could draw your blood, I am very good at it. I get patient's to talk about their job or pet's and before they know it we are done. Getting your thyroid checked is a good idea, but it is probably winter....I am sure you take your Vit D. I look forward to my daily dose of my favorite Tatiana and her wonder dog !

Tatiana on :

Sometimes I sit at work and wonder if I am in the twilight zone.....unbelievable at times and hilarious....LOL!
You could draw my blood....and I think it's the winter too....
I hope Jax feels good now!

Annette on :

Jax thinks he is getting better :-) he tries to run and I can't let him. I give him shots of Adequan twice a week. I stick people all day but it's hard to do it to my snuggle bug. This medicine is a wonder drug, it is like a miracle. It helps put synovial fluid in his joints. He gets board so I put canned dog food in his real cow bones and freeze them...he licks them all day:-) If the cold would go away and the snow would melt we could go for more walks. It is awful here, I was stuck in my alley last Friday ...ugh! I have a snow mountain in the backyard (from the snow blower ) the is twice my height! Thanks for asking about him.

Mandy/Jasmine on :

What the hell!!!!! It is currently -11 degrees here! How is it warmer in Alaska!

The Bulldog though....hahahaha "it's not about being the most beautiful girl"! Really now.

The lack of responsibility the bar takes for that girls drinking is wrong. If she dies while drinking there, dies after she leaves, or harms someone else, the bar is responsible. They served her. Do they not realize they could easily get sued? I don't get it. Maybe Crazy is better off?

What an exciting night...the duke hahahahha

Tatiana on :'s irresponsible! But CRAZY didn't drive....which is a good thing. I hope she is better off.
I don't know what's going on with the winter weather....glad it's not -11 here though.

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