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Happy And It's Valentines Day

I had a very happy day so far, now I am relaxing and feeling tired, thinking about taking a nap. I did errands earlier, me and Chhaya together, she got a new food but I will write about that tomorrow. It's Valentine's Day and I like this day, I think it's cute and gives people an extra push to show each other appreciation. I'm the kind of person that loves to show the people close to me that I care about them on a year round basis but still, Valentines' Day is nice.
So today I gave some chocolates to two people that have brighten my days with their presence. They did not expect it at all and seeing how happy they got made me really happy. Who are these people? Two ladies in town that work in two different places, they are always really nice and I just wanted to show them that I noticed and that I appreciate them. I also have some chocolates for the staff at Planned Parenthood but they are closed on Fridays. I think Planned Parenthood is great, they do so much more than perform abortions (contrary to what some people think) and they take a lot of negativity from persistent and angry zealots out there. Besides, I am pro choice and for women's rights. I don't need some crusty old dude to tell me what I should or shouldn't do with my body.
So, Happy Valentine's Day to you from me. I appreciate all my readers! HUGS! ❤

Look at this cute Hello Kitty with glasses! And I got a new book, Unlikely Loves by Jennifer S. Holland. I already have her other book, Unlikely Friendships and these books are amazing. Makes for great gifts too. Oh and chocolate, I love chocolate.


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