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So yesterday Tatiana went to Barnes & Noble and picked up the latest Elle on her way to work. Tatiana is a rather impatient girl and if she gets bored at work she makes her way upstairs and reads in the dressing room. Of course she reads more than gossip and fashion mags, she is reading "Plant Spirit Shamanism" right now, but that will be another blog. Fashion mags are good to indulge in at work.
In Elle there was an interview with some lady, Gigi Levangie Grazer, supposedly just divorced from some Hollywood big shot producer and also an author of some juicy novels. One which has been made into a tv series, "The Starter Wife". Good for Gigi! In this interview Gigi's physique during her years with her big time husband was described. This is what she looked like. "Gigi's biceps were rock hard, her famously well toned derriere was smaller than a 10-year-old boy's."

Hmmmm....... WTF? 10 year old boy's? How PEDO is that? And why would a grown woman want an ass the size of a prepubescent boys ass anyway? That is so not attractive! Tatiana has to take a picture of HER famous derriere and put up here, maybe Gigi and the other Hollywood ladies can read Tatianas blog and see what a nice ass REALLY looks like. Rock hard biceps on a woman? Yeah, if you compete in a body building competition. Muscles are nice, but rock hard? No.
Further along in the article Gigi talks about how else the Hollywood ladies spend their time. "Everyone does Botox, fillers, cosmetic surgery. You get highlights and blow-drys and everyone's got hair extensions; if you see long hair on a person in LA, that's not her hair- she just bought it. You get a manicure and pedicure once a week at home. There's the self-tanning guy who comes to your house. Your teeth are bleached and bonded; everybody's got veneers. You laser the hair off your legs and get bikini waxing and eyebrow transplants and that chemical that makes your lashes grow; who knows what's in it-I did it and I'll probably end up blind with botulism. Half of my friends in LA are doing labiaplasty or vaginoplasty. It's tough in LA when you are sitting next to a 22-year-old who has an intact vaginal passageway."

Wow, talk about high maintenance! How the hell do these people have time to enjoy life? Do they eat? Go camping? Live life?
Yes, Tatiana too has to shave her legs, come on, she has to but if it wasn't for work she would let the forest grow out once in a while. Sometimes when her thighs are a little fuzzy she makes guys admire the fuzz, they all love it. The vagine hair needs to be controlled, even before stripping Tatiana preferred a controlled bush. Tatiana gets an occasional manicure and pedicure. And she buys box color to cover up her streak of grey hair she's had since a friend discovered it when Tatiana was 18 (a sign of high intelligence, lol). And Tatiana has been thinking about maybe getting Botox too, she admits to it, yes..... But all that stuff Gigi is talking about, it is just too much! What do these people REALLY look like? And vaginoplasty? So some guy can feel like he is doing a real tight vagine? Kegels, ladies or just forget about it, don't give out the vagine, keep it for yourselves! Ok, maybe if the lips are hanging out of the underwear.......or bother you physically somehow. Then Tatiana can understand the desire to trim a little down there.

By the way, Tatiana writes VAGINE because that's how BORAT says it and that's how Tatiana says it, now you know, in case you didn't know already!
Tatiana loves BORAT.

Ok, Tatiana has to jump in the shower and shave the vagine now.


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Ulrika on :

Yes some things has just gone too far. But then in a few years we will probably look back and say it wasnt that bad back then but now it is. I thing plastic suregry is getting to common here in sweden too. But I dont blama the girls (It's mostly girls) But I do blame the sociaty and the culture for making as feel that we are not good enought the way we are. But then again, maybe it's just the new make up????

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