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Not Much

Not much to tell you......I went hiking again yesterday. Well, hiking and hiking......if you can call a less of a mile easy walk to a lake a hike. But it was nice. Egumen Lake. The ice was making sounds, a few loud cracks but also some other kind of eery sound that I have never heard before, it sounded like, for a lack of a better description.....a series of low didgeridoo hums.
I have never heard that before and both me and Chhaya were fascinated.

Besides this, I haven't done much. Daily lattes of course. Taking care of stuff at home. Eating a lot. Watching lots of TV. Like tonight.....I caught Miley on Leno. I think Miley is great....what I like about her is that she seems to be dancing to the beat of her own drum. I like that.
Go Miley, I wish her lots of success!
I also went for a night walk with Chhaya tonight, it was kind of frosty out and the stars were on full display, so it was gorgeous.

Sorry that I can't be more entertaining. Maybe I'll have something more interesting to write about when I decide to go back to work, right now I am immersed (happily) in a lazy bubble.


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Paul on :

Looks like it is quite nice there for winter! Most of the country is going thru a rough winter, -35f with wind chill in Chicago!

Tatiana on :

Yes, I have seen the news.....although some places is AK are Fairbanks. I am so happy that I am looking at a snow free parking lot right now. And I keep my fingers crossed that there won't be much more snowfall this winter, that would be nice.

Annette on :

Jax and I have been hibernating and healing. It is horrible here, I am officially over winter. We have had a rough start to the New Year. I went home and ate this dip that was full of jalapino's and had a allergic reaction and had to go to immediate care. When I got back I slipped on ice in the parking lot at work.....and got whiplash. Then Jax got a crazy idea he could run and hurt his other knee. He is healing but it broke my heart to hear him yelp. Thing's can only get better :-) Seeing the pic's of you and Chhaya warm my heart. Every moment we have with our furry babies is special!

Tatiana on :

Oooooh Annette.....I was wondering where my friend was!
Sorry to hear about all the mishaps! You are right.....things can only get better now.
Have a nice day! :-)

Annette on :

I didn't want you to think I had lost interest in my favorite Tatiana :-) what does Chhaya sleep on? I want a better bed for Jax.

Tatiana on :

She has two. Both have a thick foam mattress inside. But she always sleeps in bed with me at night. And I have an electric blanket on my bed, she likes that one too.

Annette on :

He use to always sleep with me.....but he cannot jump on or off the bed anymore :-( I am considering moving my bed to the floor...I miss my snuggle bug. He has a nice foam bed but I saw some orthopedic ones online.

Tatiana on :

My bed is low to the ground so Chhaya can climb up on it without jumping. I have the mattress on the box springs and that's it, no bed frame.
There are steps and ramps you can look at on or do a search for dog ramps or dog bed help to get to other sites.
My electric blanket is a queen size, it was about $ 65 and I set it on about level 3 or 4 out of 10 and Chhaya either lays on it or under it. There are electric blankets for dogs but they are expensive and small, you'd be better off with an electric blanket for humans (lol). You can get an electric blanket at Wal Mart or Target, K Mart etc.
Poor Jax, I hope he gets better!

Annette on :

Thank you for your input and concern.....:-)
I really appreciate it.

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