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You should know that a dedicated Tatiana dragged herself out of bed at 7 30 this morning to watch Obamas inauguration. To you 7 30 might be a normal time to get up, but Tatiana is one of those spoiled strippers that sleeps until noon every day of the week. Keep in mind that she also goes to sleep around 3 30 am. Tatiana needs sleep, actually she loves sleeping.
Tatiana heard a few really funny Obama, Palin jokes at work last night but she will refrain from retelling them here, you will have to hear them in person if you think you can handle it.
Thoughts about the inauguration? Tatiana thinks that he race issue is stupid and too focused on, the man is mixed, big deal. What matters is to be qualified and intelligent. Also, Tatiana is not happy with Rick Warren. Whatever God people choose to believe in or not to believe in should be separated from politics, also Warrens views on gay matters are so outdated, he needs to get with the times, Tatiana loves Ellen, remember?!
Besides this, Tatiana does not have a lot of faith in politics. She thinks that us, the masses are pawns being played in a game that revolves around money and power. A game we can't really understand and are kept from trying to understand, more on this another time.
Tatiana likes Obama, but he is another politician that is talking and making promises, time will tell what will happen. Action speaks louder than words. Or like Elvis said "A little less conversation a little more action please".
You should listen to Coast To Coast Tatianas fave radio show.
Tatiana just wants peace and love and food and shelter for everybody. And a respect for our Planet, we only have one, be nice to it!!! We are all in it together though it might not seem like it because we are so caught up in ourselves.
Here is a pic of something Tatiana put together while in Homer.
Many hugs!!!


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