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New Years Celebration

So yes, I did actually go out on New Years. I met up with my lovely and fun friends at a local bar called Moosequitoes for a New Years celebration. There are no clubs around here, only a handful of bars. I have to wait to go clubbing until I leave the state of Alaska, even Anchorage doesn't have a decent club. A decent club to me would be like Pacha in NYC or Avalon in Los Angeles or something similar. Outside of the US it would be Fabric in London or Berghain in Berlin. But now I'm getting clubbing and HOUSE music withdrawals so I need to stop thinking about all the fun places out there.....or I'm going to get slightly depressed.
When I got to Moosequitoes I started my night off right with and extra large glass of ice cold soda water. ;-) CHEERS!

Then we took some pics and chatted. That is my friend Sharon in the middle (or Sharonski as I call her) and Marlene.

Nancy and Sharon - love them both.

My friend Jim was there too. He makes beautiful jewelry and hair bones out of antlers and ivory.

It's good that Jim was there, he had to act like a buffer against all the amorous admirers that kept coming up. I mean come on! Leave a girl alone for 10 minutes! I was completely covered up and minding my own business. When I'm out I don't try to get guys attention by licking my lips and pushing out my boobs and stuff like that, I want to be left alone. And after so many compliments it becomes somewhat uncomfortable.....what do you say after a while?
Some guy was asking Sharon to tell me good stuff about him. I said that I didn't want to hear it and told her to tell him and the rest of them that I am not interested unless the guy has a fat wallet, a small penis and doesn't expect sex more than once a month. Fill out an online application and my secretary will get back to you with an answer. No but seriously, I am still unattainable and unavailable......I will only grant two exceptions, same as last year.
Rihanna and Vladimir Putin. The rest? Fill out an online application. Then Sharon said that I should start charging everybody $$$ that comes up and either wants me to smile or give them a hug. I should! Sharon is now my manager. Here we are writing up the business contract.

There was the usual countdown to Midnight and lots of noise making. And hugs. Marlene was my New Years peck on the lips.

I had a fun night and I'm glad that I went out, I never go out around here otherwise. If I'm going to to "out" here I mind as well go to work, that's how I look at it. And at around 2 am I started to get tired and went home. To my Chhaya.

The missing bra and shoe and the extra money in my purse? I was just kidding, heeelloooooo, look at this innocent face.....I don't get in trouble like that! ;-)

So it's January 2nd 2014 now......I was eating nuts and drinking water yesterday, honoring my Resolution. And I think that I am going to head for the gym now. Happy Thursday everybody! And I hope that the New Year is starting out right for you!
And Thank You to my friends for a fun New Years Eve! ❤


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Jasmine/Mandy on :

Baaahahaha! So funny! I want to find a rich old man with a bad heart that keeps him from taking Viagra, who just wants to cuddle!
Speaking of house music, I just unpacked my "party box", it was full of light up excitement. I wasn't into the drugs (that often), but man did I come equipped to entertain everyone who was. It also held this special thing... One time I brought some friends back to my house after a rave, they took acid off a sweettart. I turned on the black light, gave them highlighter markers, glow in the dark paint and a pad of paper. Among random pictures I got this note:
The Cubicle of Life.
Deep inside my cubicle I realize nothing. Just as my existance. Work, sleep, Nothing. I awake in hopes of change, Nothing. I dream of difference but cannot find it because of the Cubicle of Life.

Those were some fun times.

Tatiana on : the Cubicle of Life deep thoughts!
I've had some good thoughts and realizations myself during some special moments in my life......

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