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Hillary or Trump? Are you a Democrat or a Republican? Neither? Does it really matter? The dissatisfaction with the two presidential candidates is high. It's more like a battle of the lesser of two evils many think. Kind of sad that the country that claims it is the best country in the world came up with two candidates that almost half of the voters are dissatisfied with and that people are making a choice based on the lesser of two evils. Is this the best America can do in 2016, the lesser of two evils?
To me a two party system seems extremely outdated. Not enough choices, the other parties that try to be involved stand no chance. I think a real change will happen only when the two party system is done and over with. A true Democracy should offer and have more choices. I also believe in having people vote in certain decisions, like when the people of England voted for Brexit.
And before people in general start alienating family and friends over whether one is voting for Hillary or Trump they should really educate themselves better in what each candidate stands for overall instead of just focusing on one issue. Yes, people are so wound up over this election that they are willing to lose friends over it if the friend is voting for the other person. Really? Do you really think that your life will change that drastically whether it is a Democrat or a Republican in the White House? Or in this election, whether it is Hillary or Trump? I don't think so.
Most people are content as long as they have the daily comforts they are used to. And if you really want a change then DO something about it. DOING something takes involvement and that is not always comfortable.
I am FAR FROM involved in politics. I am not DOING anything, I am also not voting. Issues that are important to me, that I would look at and study when deciding on whom I would vote for are (in no particular order)......animal rights, environment, health care, education, budget for military, human trafficking, stand on welfare, the protection of individual rights and freedom, how to battle terrorism, global involvement and interests. I can't think of anything else for now.
Also important to me is a presidents education. But also their emotional intelligence. A high education with a degree or two under your belt does not automatically mean that you are intelligent and a good person (I know plenty of examples of this myself). How does this person act in public? How will they interact with other world leaders? What have they done in the past? Have they done good? Do they seem honest, trustworthy and like a stand up good person. LOL.....honest and trustworthy.....I am forgetting that I am talking about US politics now. I am not in Sweden anymore. The $ rules here. Most people can be bought. Lies fly and saying one thing one day and another thing the next is just normal.
Somebody I know told me "it is time for some pussy in the White House". I cringed at that statement and I also said it is an awful and uneducated thing to blurt out. The person that is the MOST qualified should be in the White House, this has nothing to do with gender or has to do with qualification. By the way, there has been "pussy" in the White House since the very beginning.
Every president was married (don't quote me on that.....I am not sure if all 40 something US presidents were married) and I am sure most of the spouses as of lately have been strong and opinionated women that influenced their husband more than once.
I would love to attend the debate that will be held in Las Vegas on October 19 at UNLV. I looked into the possibilities of attending and a ticket to that event seems to be harder to obtain than a ticket to Burning Man.
Perhaps I can pretend to be media? HELLO......!!!? Do you not know who I am???
I write a blog that MILLIONS of people read and I will cover the presidential debate in my blog extensively, I DESERVE to be present! ;-) In fact, I should get my own microphone and be allowed to interject with questions and observations.
I don't know where I stand in this election. To shake up the country, if that is what you want, vote for Trump I guess and see what happens. To stay more on the same course vote for Hillary.
I am more worried about the state of Europe and Sweden. The Islamic State worries me. I care for how we treat animals. And this planet. If you really are the proud American that you say that you are.....then stop leaving your trash behind. Don't let some poor immigrant like me pick up your trash, because I do. For free.
I work for free for America! LOL. I care about human interactions and the importance of being nice to each other. I care about being open minded and possessing knowledge and learning. I think we should read more books and watch less stupidity. I think it is important to talk to each other and learn from each other. We all share the same planet. Me, you and everybody else.