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Too Tired

Once in a while I am too tired to wash off my make up before I go to bed. But it doesn't happen too often. I almost gave in to that temptation last night, well technically this morning, to just continue laying in bed and not peel off those lashes and wash off that eye shadow but I found determination somehow deep inside and washed my face.
I tried a club I had not worked at yet last night in Vegas. More on that another time. I'm not going back there tonight. CES is in town, draws lots of people. When I lived here full time back in the day I used to work the conventions as a "model".....I worked CES, MAGIC, the bridal show, some jewelery show.....I can't even remember all of the conventions anymore.
Ugh.....I'm feeling tired tonight. Working in Vegas drains my soul. I don't want to anymore, I have said that for a while.

Vegas IKEA

So I drove by Vegas IKEA today. The giant blue and yellow, like the Swedish flag, building is up. Location Durango and 215, scheduled to open this Summer. EXCITING!
I know I wrote about this the last time I mentioned something about IKEA in Vegas but a long time ago when I first moved to Vegas I wrote an email to IKEA and asked them if they had any plans to open a store in Vegas. I mean, hello.....Vegas was and is a great location for an IKEA I thought. I even had and still have ideas on what they should do on opening day. Anyhow, I did get an email back from somebody at IKEA. Unfortunately I got rid of that email address a long time ago because I had to pay a monthly fee for it and switched to Yahoo email since it's free. The IKEA rep told me back then that they did not have any immediate plans to open a store in Vegas, that the next one would open in Sacramento if I can recall it right. And now IKEA is in Vegas. I should be the manager of the store, this is an OBVIOUS fact. DUH. Perhaps I should write them and make sure that they are aware this fact as well. :-D

What else did I do today? Madhouse Coffee. Got some errands done. Whole Foods (twice). Shopping. Running in the park. Now I'm eating carrot cake and drinking Earl Grey tea.


I am so predictable, started my morning off here in Vegas with a vanilla latte. Today from Madhouse Coffee, I alternate between Madhouse and Sambalatte. This is what I look like during the day, never any make up.....only if I have a daytime photo shoot (which is rarely).
I am way too lazy (and pretty HA HA ;-) ) to bother with make up during the day plus I like my skin clean and make up free. Work, photo shoot or if I go out like clubbing or some event but that is far and few in between nowadays. I'm BORING, OK!?
Next time I go to Sambalatte I will make sure that somebody working there explains to me what happened to the $100 bill that I found there and that I was nice enough to give to one of the baristas working. Not give as a gift but as in for her to give back to whoever lost it and if nobody came forward to claim the money the right thing would had been to give it back to me. At least that's how I look at it. I guess she thought it was a better idea to keep it for herself, as a tip perhaps? ICH DON'T THINK SO BITCH. See you next time I go to Sambalatte.
AND I am getting my money back that I spent on that no good facial I had at Aminah's Organic Spa a while ago. The facial was $149 and so bad that I contacted the spa. If you spend that much it should be excellent, period. Aminah which I assume is the owner, offered me a complimentary facial with her which I graciously accepted but since she doesn't have time right now while I'm in Vegas I am getting a refund instead. Works for me. Look, if you do not know how to do things right do not charge $149 for them. I specifically asked when I booked the facial to give me an EXPERIENCED aesthetician, not a beginner. I can wash my face and squeeze out some blackheads at home for free. If I pay $100 plus for a spa service it needs to be good. I know, I have been to some very good spas. And some crappy ones.
And it's raining pretty hard here in Vegas, basically all day today. I went to Whole Foods for nutrition, planned on going for a run in the park because I need to exercise but that has to wait until tomorrow unless it's still raining then. This evening I went to a financial meeting of some sort, a friend of mine is trying to steer me on a different career path.
Can I just become a professional latte test person and make good money doing that instead?

Sitting At The Airport

I'm sitting at the airport waiting for my first plane of two to take me to Vegas. It's cold inside, well at least I'm feeling cold but it's even colder outside, the temperature says 28 degrees today.
I am tired of the flying and traveling. I'm over it. I don't know how people do it that travel a lot, that deal with airports on a weekly basis. Go through security with all of the stuff that it entails, taking off your jacket, shoes, taking out the laptop, getting body scanned etc and then waiting for your plane and then perhaps waiting for next. BARF.
I have some time on my hands waiting for my flight, so I decided to look at my blog data and see how many entries I have written throughout the years broken down in numbers. Since 2016 just started this is my second entry for the year. In 2015 I wrote 267 entries. In 2014 I scribbled down 364. In 2013 there were 443. 2012 was the record year for entries, I managed to come up with 552. In 2011 I typed out 418. Then 2010 had 192. In 2009 I wrote 131. And the last three years archived......2008 -70. 2007 - 106. And the year the blog got started 2006 there were a whole 11 entries.
There you go. It went from a meager amount of entries in the first few years to a rather good monthly amount and the past year I slowed down some. Maybe I emptied out most of what I have to say? I don't know. And to be fair some of those entries written were short or only picture entries. It's not like I hammer out long, thoughtworthy and deeply meaningful entries on a daily basis.

My layover in Salt Lake City is 1 hour and 11 minutes. 11 is my number. I've said it before......


I've had a few uneventful days here is snowy Idaho. I actually managed to drive slightly off the road yesterday and got stuck in deep snow when I was driving to Chhaya's follow up vet appointment. I just felt like OH NO not this too, I do NOT need another obstacle in my life right now. Well, a few minutes into the ordeal five gentlemen and three trucks were there to help me and Chhaya and got us out. I was SO GRATEFUL! The vet appointment went well, Chhaya gained about a pound since last time ju, she is now 72.5. She seems to be doing good, the only thing is that her hearing is not back fully since they put that thick ointment in her ears but the vet said it will dissolve and she should hear normal again, I sure hope so.
I am slowly getting things in order here at the house. I got my couch up yesterday and it looks pretty good. It will be a process to stow stuff away here in this house, it's a very peculiar looking house but it's growing on me. Can't compare it to the house in Kenai, that house is absolutely gorgeous and had never been lived in before we moved in. Now it's rented out to family. I think once I get all the bins emptied and out of sight and all the stuff put away it will look pretty nice here in this house that I call KrÄkslottet. I have a vision.
There is nothing even close to Coffee Roasters or Kaladi anywhere close to here, sadly. I do miss writing and sipping on my daily lattes at Coffee Roasters aka my office, sometimes in the company of my friend Jim and the super cool barista Elli.

And here is a small detail of the kitchen. Part of the counter top is a cutting board, I won't use it as that since I don't know how sanitary that would be (it has burn marks in it as you can see) but I can keep stuff on it. I've had that bottle of chocolate dessert vine for over two years, I got it in Alaska. Maybe I will open it up one day.

Well, I have to get in gear. Need to pack my bags. Flying to Vegas tomorrow, quick trip. Chhaya is staying here.