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It's not only crazy Sharia law fanatics that gun down innocent people all over the world.
We have our fair share of gun toting crazies here in the US too. The latest is a shooting in Colorado Springs at a Planned Parenthood. THREE people are dead and several injured. Happy Holidays everyone! I am conflicted over the gun laws in this country. On one hand there is the 2nd Amendment which Americans would start another Civil War over if they had to defend it. And I do believe that the people should be able to defend themselves against let's say the government if the government got out of control or some psycho that might decide to hurt you or your family. But in all reality the people would not stand much of a chance should the government decide to fight the people. If that would ever even happen.
On the other hand there are plenty of crazy freaks in the US that own weapons and they do cause a lot of harm, deadly harm, on an every day basis.
This shooting happened at a Planned Parenthood. Many details about the incident are not released yet besides that the shooter is some older dude that looks deranged and obviously is too. I bet he was a "righteous" God lover that felt the need to teach the people that "murder" innocent little babies a lesson. When are the morons in this country going to understand that Planned Parenthood does so much more than perform abortions? Please all the uneducated morons of the USA, educate yourself a bit more because a painful amount of you are SO DUMB. And if you are painfully dumb you should not have kids, just my little opinion on that matter. Planned Parenthood fills a very important role and do not bring up the fetus testing that was much discusses earlier this year. That shit is most likely going on in all kinds of labs all over. And I personally would rather have fetus and tissue testing going on, if it's for an important cause, than testing on animals that are alive and caged up. I'm sick and tired of MEN pontificating and deciding what women should do with their bodies. MY BODY, MY CHOICE. I am not arguing for that there should be regulations when it comes to abortions, of course there should. Just like with any other medical procedure. But please morons, realize that if abortions were made illegal women would STILL have them. This is a proven fact in countries where abortions are illegal. Where women and underage girls are FORCED to give birth even of they have been raped or molested. And who rapes and molests women? MEN. That then dictate what women can or can't do with their bodies. FUCK THAT. I can assure you that I 100% would have an abortion if my pregnancy was caused by rape. Why would I want to have a baby if I was raped? I would consider an abortion even if I was married, doesn't matter - it's my choice, my right and it should be!
I actually wish that more morons would decide to have abortions in this country (or at least be diligent about birth control) and not just pop out kids with no thought or plan on how to be a good parent and how to provide for the children. Children are a meal ticket for some people, for way too many people and that is for sure not a good reason to reproduce.
How about responsibly planning for parenthood, as in Planned Parenthood, so others don't have to pay for your little "mistakes"?
What about all the kids out there with shitty parents? Parents that drink, do drugs and abuse them. It would had been a hell of a lot better if that severely neglected, abused and raped child that got murdered in the hands of it's mom/dad/ mom's new boyfriend/other family member etc would had NEVER been born than to have to endure such torture in life. This happens ALL the time. Kids are murdered every day here in the hands of a "loving" family member. You sit there in the comfort of your home and imagine the life for a child that is sexually abused or beaten. Fucking TORTURE.
And all those "righteous" church going godly people that pretend to live a virtuous life.
Listen again morons, going to church or preaching God's word DOES NOT make you a good person. All the child sex loving Catholic priest can vouch for that, or how about Josh Duggar? Great examples of that.
A good person that truly lives in an ethical and virtuous way would NEVER murder an innocent person. An act like gunning down people at a Planned Parenthood because you have something against that place makes you the same kind of backwards narrow minded psycho as the ones that kill in the name of Allah.
And those were today's thoughts from know that immoral stripper and all the other disgrace that comes with that. You think I care? FUCK NO because I pay attention every day to people around me and I am so grateful that I am not like some of them.

Latte is finished, Chhaya is waiting.....gotta go.



"Three African immigrants who brutally raped a 14-year-old girl to the point where she wanted to kill herself were given extremely light sentences by a court in Norway, with one receiving community service and avoiding prison altogether.
During her ordeal, the girl was raped both orally and anally before being forced to take drugs. According to reports, the abuse, which lasted for hours, was so horrific that at one point the girl expressed a desire to take her own life to end the suffering.
The case again underscores the huge rape crisis that has enveloped Scandinavia which has been completely ignored by liberals and feminists because the culprits in many of the cases are immigrants.
In Norway, almost half of all rapes committed in Oslo in 2011 were carried out by individuals of African, Middle Eastern or Asian origin, despite the fact that Muslim immigrants only represent 1.5-2 per cent of the population."

Read it here.


Read it here.

And in Sweden a 17 year old girl, Lisa Holm was murdered last summer by a 35 year old man from Lithuania. He was found guilty and will be serving a "life" sentence in Sweden, paid for by the Swedish working tax payers of course. A life sentence in Sweden is between 10-18 years depending on the crime. It's a fucking joke. Not too bad, huh? You can just brutally murder an innocent young girl that had HER WHOLE LIFE ahead of her, destroy her parents life too and sit and relax in jail for about 12 years or so, get out and continue living your life as nothing ever happened. Where is the justice in this?
I am sick to my stomach over all of this. And these are merely THREE separate cases in three neighboring countries in Scandinavia. There are more cases like these.
Are you fucking kidding me with these sentences? First of all, something I've been saying for a VERY long time....any man found guilty of rape and/or molesting a child should be forced to undergo some form of castration. No fucking second chances should be given. I'd prefer just cutting their dick off and burning it, that is a good form of castration in my eyes.
Any immigrant that rapes a woman or child in the country they are seeking asylum in or whatever their business is in said country needs to get castrated, then thrown out and barred from returning. Fuck paying for their room and board. Throw them out but castrate them first. Oh if I could only rule in Sweden for a few years......I would personally cut dicks off.
I wrote about Lisa back in June.
I still can't believe what she had to go through. OMG Lisa, my heart aches for you . Still. I am so sorry. I'm sorry for every child, girl, woman that gets hurt in the hands of a predator.
WHY ? Why the fuck do men do these things?
I also want to add that the porn found on the computer belonging to the man that murdered Lisa Holm was violent porn, I suspect something in the style of what he wanted to recreate when he murdered Lisa. I have written about my opinions about certain porn before. Freedom of expression is great but on who's expense? Should ALL porn, as long as the people "acting" in it are over 18, be considered OK even if it involves rape scenes or scenes where women are tied up and forced etc? Should that be acceptable because it's "art" and legal? There is a lot of very graphic and violent porn out there. In my opinion that should be illegal. Any porn that depicts violence and force should be illegal. Also any porn that involves animals. Of course this should be a given, but it's NOT and it's just WRONG! If you do not know what I'm talking about, look up what crush videos mean. It's SICK. Beyond SICK.
Any person, man or woman, involved in making and distributing such material should be sentenced to a very long prison sentence. Very long in my opinion is 25 plus years.
I fucking hate people.


This is Diesel, she got blown up yesterday in Paris. She was 7. You can see the kindness and intelligence in her eyes. People who say that animals don't have souls must be soulless themselves. I totally believe animals have souls, it's obvious.

(Photo from Twitter).

Diesel got blown up by a woman strapped in explosives. I found a picture of her throwing up some hand signs looking like a dumb ass. But her face does not deserve to be on my blog, cause all she was in the end was a piece of shit coward. What did she accomplish by blowing herself and an innocent beautiful dog to pieces? FUCK HER.
I'm sitting here and can't believe what people do to each other and animals. It's just disgusting.
Chhaya got a new binki today so she is happy, we found a new great park to walk in close to the house.


A few hours ago I found out about the latest attack in France.....the death count is rising still. People are laying dead covered with sheets with blood seeping through them. I don't know what to say anymore. This kind of behavior and violence does not belong in the civilized world. Yes, I get angry too sometimes but never have I felt compelled to strap a bomb on me, grab my gun and go out and execute random people and then end the whole ordeal by blowing myself up. For what? To prove what? That I was crazy? Selfish? Political? What do these people want? What is the important statement being made here because I am totally missing the point. I can't wrap my thoughts around this to come up with any kind of reasonable explanation for it. Some societies have evolved, some are still stomping in the same place as they did thousands of years ago. Yes, I know that bombs are dropping in parts of the world and that innocent people are dying there too. At this point I have to say that any kind of group of people that boasts about recruiting young children to teach them violence and hate, view women as possessions, practices FGM, kidnaps and hold hostage journalists, aid workers and others that are trying to do only good to behead them, destroys books and monuments that are not to their liking, bombs planes out of the skies, forces their outdated and sick religious beliefs onto others - that is pure scum and should be exterminated. I don't care - bomb them. They will go straight to heaven anyways, right? No progress has been made in thousands of years besides that their weapons are more effective and they have the internet now, the mental progress......evolving as a human being has not happened.
I don't know at this point who is behind the latest in France. I'm sure we will find out soon. Who knows, it might be a gang of angry and violent Buddhists just wanting to stir shit up. What's going to change after this? What changed after Charlie Hebdo? Will European countries, like Sweden continue to take in grown men posing as scared refugee children with no form of documentation but a smart phone, give them a monthly check and housing (ingen fara sociala betala) at the expense of tax payers, while some of these "children" really are terrorists? Wake up Europe! What is going to change? Anything? Had I been in charge I would had allied up with Putin right away and cleaned up really good. No mercy. All the innocent people beheaded on camera in the last couple of years were shown no mercy either.
What did they do to deserve to die like that? What did Kayla Mueller ever do to deserve what happened to her (I think about Kayla)? And everybody like her.....trying to help and do good. Are they in heaven with God now or just dead, rotting flesh, a painful memory for family and friends?
Only ONE religion to my knowledge has a problem with every other religion that exists and even fights within themselves.
It's been going on for thousands of years, this bloody fight to push Jihad onto people that don't want to be part of it.
Eiffel Tower, Paris France 8 am Saturday November 14.

What else? I'm not in the mood to be social and wear close to nothing plus heels tonight.
I'm home with Chhaya.

I'm going to sleep soon, tomorrow my usual routine.....Sambalatte after I wake up. Yeah, I feel really bad about the whole situation in Europe right now but I still have to eat.

I am wondering what's going on in Paris right now.....what's going to change? When and where will the next terrorist attack happen? Close to me or you?