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Monday Report

Monday's four months left to Christmas! The summer flew by but then again summers always go by fast. It's not over yet though.......plenty of more sunny days to come!
So here is my Monday report. While sipping on my latte this morning I took a pic of this article that made the cover of Alaska Dispatch News today Monday August 24.

I get it, animals are very cute. I would love to pet bears and moose too but most likely they do not want to get cuddled since as we all know, they are not domesticated. And when the bear attacks it is usually the bear that will get the short end of the stick since it will be considered dangerous, then shot and killed. Here is a snippet from the article that I find disturbing, "Everybody stops in the no-stopping zone. There’s no education at all of the fishermen. They’re leaving their beer bottles and Red Bull cans around. If the cubs get a taste of Red Bull, and investigate at the campground and get a taste of it again, that’s the end of that bear. People are dropping their tins all over,” Esch said. One bear, known as BMJ, became tangled in fishing line at one point."
WHY are people so STUPID and DISRESPECTFUL? It's starts with YOU. As in you are responsible for your own behavior. And I am responsible for mine.
After my breakfast (a latte and a scone) me and Chhaya went to the beach for a walk.

There were some fireweed there, some still has a few pink petals left on top and look like this.

But most of the flowers look like this.

I found a small yellow leaf laying on the sand all alone. I wonder where it came from?

And Chhaya found a fish carcass. Poor little fishy!

Then I also found a bunch of trash, picked it up and recycled it. I guess whoever that left that on the beach must had been too busy with other stuff than picking up after themselves.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that trashing nature is a very bad personality trait.
I found this comment under the article about the bears in Haines.
"Littering.... When I moved to Alaska in 1975 (Valdez), I dropped a smoke out the window while riding in a friends car. She made me get out and told me to find MY cigarette butt and to pick up any litter while I was at it. When I got back in the car, she told me that Alaskan's DO NOT litter. If she ever caught me doing it again, she'd beat the crap outta me. I have tried to instill this into my children's behavior over the years, and it worked. Sounds like my friend could teach these idiots a thing or two!"

Exactly. Do not litter and teach your offspring to show some respect for nature as well.

Don't Get It

Last night I was going through my closet that is stored away in bins, deciding on what to keep and what to get rid of. Perfect Sunday evening occupation. I don't have cable and sometimes I don't have a single channel on the TV and other times I have two or three. I think five is the most I ever have. If I can watch The Big Bang Theory a few times a week I'm happy. I still wish Sheldon was my real life friend. So anyhow, while folding clothes the Teen Choice awards were on. So I'm watching......I'm not really sure how that awards show works but from what I understand TEENS, meaning 13 -19 vote for artists in different categories. Britney won and accepted a style icon award. There were some other artists and actors/actresses that won different awards, like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande etc.
I can totally understand that teenage girls like Swift and Grande. What I did find really weird though is that some of the presenters were ancient, considering it is an awards show geared towards kids. Yes, to me a teen is a kid. When I was 15 I thought that 30 plus was really old. Ellen? I love Ellen but come on now......! Ellen was getting the "it's OK to be gay" message across. Great and all but are there not any openly gay teenage performers out there?
John Stamos? Really? Johns Stamos, what and why? He did so not belong there, go back to AA or something. And to top it off, not only weird but also very disturbing. Robin Thicke performed with some Flo Rida dude. Robin Thicke is the greasiest slime ball ever. When I look at him I think pedophile, his current "girlfriend", did she turn 21 yet? Another borderline pedo was on stage, Wilder Walderrama. Old dude with a taste for young girls. BARF! What is up with using old perverts as presenters? So back to the national perv, Robin Thicke. The song him and that rapper "performed" was basically about ass and sex. I looked up the lyrics and just like any other Robin Thicke song that gets any play, it is dumb as fuck. Yeah, nothing like having an old dude romance teen girls about his anaconda wanting to get into a girl's ass and "hit it til I jackpot", while a herd of back up dancers gyrate around him and the other dude dressed in shorts that barely covers their asses. SO GROSS!
Throughout the show the presenters were throwing out "inspirational messages" to the kids in the audience and at home watching like, love yourselves, it's great to be different, be strong, be fearless, follow your dreams and bla bla bla. So is it then appropriate to end the show with the great message as loving yourself so much that you need to squeeze into some booty shorts and twerk around a much older dude that wants to stick in in you? I don't get it.
All this talk about loving yourself and be yourself but in reality social media tells teenage girls and tweens that to be really "liked", admired and fit in you need to get fake tits, a fake ass, a nose job, must have skinny thighs and some ratty extensions. Desperately chasing and racking up "likes" from people you will never ever meet in real life. Pathetic and sad.
One short segment of the show covered unknown teens that actually do something positive for the world, society and themselves as fight sex trafficking and work on their academic goals. A song called Fight Song was performed by a girl I never heard of before, Rachel Platten. And that was THE BEST moment of the evening I think.
Oh yes, I am 100% aware of that what I do for a living does not contribute to anything world changing. It's merely how I cover my bills, expenses for me and Chhaya and add to my savings. But besides working as a dancer, I do not play dumb at work or in "real" life or cater to any dudes body fantasies by altering my appearance. I do not give a shit if some dude out there thinks that my ass is not big enough or that my boobs need to be a fake D. I would never ever breathe in that kind of a guys direction anyways. THAT if anything is what they need to teach young girls. Do not alter yourself for attention you mistake for love and be independent. Rely on yourself.
Me, yesterday afternoon at Kaladi, pondering what to write about next......