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Here We Go Again

It's almost 4 am here in Vegas, I am exhausted physically and far my 2015 had been rather challenging (and fun too) but I will pull through somehow, if anything for Chhaya and my Mom.
But back to the important story about what happened in Paris, France. Sadly here we go again. Islam the peaceful (really? HA HA what a JOKE!) religion has reared it's ugly head yet again and spread terror and bloodshed. If you do not know what happened in France yesterday I suggest that you find out, it is important. In fact.....I find people that do not care (when they have the means to care) about important global events to be rather unevolved/lazy/self absorbed. Wake the fuck up, at least a little! Or are you just plain dumb?
If so, I guess that's a valid excuse, being dumb that is.
Educated and intelligent people lost their lives because some cowards decided that they and many others were offended due to some, according to them, inappropriate cartoon. Here we go again, anger over a cartoon.
Most religions are based on stories. Stories that nobody that is alive today can vouch for.
A story that some believe in so blindly that they justify killing others in the name of their God. If you openly criticize (use the term criticize broadly here as it can be joke about also) anything pertaining to Islam or Mohammed (or however his name is spelled, cause honestly I don't give a fuck at this point) you get on the bad list and might get killed. There are plenty of examples already of people either murdered or injured because they did, said or wrote something that rubbed some fundamental Muslims the wrong way. I believe that there is an ongoing Islamization of the world and believe me, after seeing some examples of what happens to people if you do not want to become a Muslim, then NO THANKS, I have zero desire to live in a world where I have to live in fear, cover up under a sheet, have my rights taken away from me etc etc.
Back in the day.....hundreds of years ago people did burn women in the name of religion and hunted down and forced Christianity on people but that was a long time ago. Just as women had no right to vote, actually not that long ago. We are supposed to evolve as humans.
And some have evolved and other are stagnant, stomping in the same spot.
I am outraged over what happened in France. The cowards that brutally murdered and injured the victims should be executed in public. That is what I believe. In some Muslim countries people get stoned to death for committing much smaller crimes, sometimes even innocent people get stoned to death. Here we have some cowards that decided to go on a killing spree. I say take them to underneath the Eiffel Tower and give them each one bullet in the head and send their bodies off to their real country, since obviously they had no regard for France although some of them apparently were born there. What a shame! Wake up! Really. No more playing nice and trying to help people that do not appreciate it and don't want help and kindness anyway. Stop catering to bullshit.
This picture fills my heart with much sadness and my eyes with tears. My stomach hurts when I think about what that man went through before he got executed. Only a true piece of shit coward would do such a thing. I pray that the police officer is in a better place now.
If there is a God, he is with God now and the other victims too.
Freedom of speech and personal freedom is everybody's right. Even if you get offended.
So what? I am fucking sick and tired if people getting offended over everything. I am offended that YOU get offended. OK!?
Richard Dawkins, "No, all religions are NOT equally violent. Some have never been violent, some gave it up centuries ago. One religion conspicuously didn’t."