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Another Package

Today I picked up another package. My nice fans from all over the world send me things on an almost weekly basis. All I do in return is send them a piece of paper with my autograph. Life is good! Well, actually I ordered some stuff from Amazon last week and all the stuff finally got here. BUT, somebody did give me a few gift certificates for Amazon and that somebody is a person that reads my blog.....Thank You again P for your kindness! :-)
So a few days ago these fringe boots arrived. I am apprehensive to ordering shoes and clothes online. Will they fit? What do they look like in reality? But I really wanted some fringe boots for Burning Man and in general, I think fringe boots are sooooo cute. And I like the hippie style, I have been calling myself a neo hippie for over ten years now. What's a neo hippie? Someone like me. Love these boots, they fit and they were really cheap! The fringes are long and I might attach some colorful beads to them.

And in today's package, another pair of fringe boots. These shorter and on a flat sole, plus they are PINK and have wood beads. Same here, they fit and were cheap - so I am very happy with the buy! Now I have cute shoes for Burning Man, I wasn't really prepared last year and ended up wearing flip flops in the daytime (perfect) and my Hunter boots at night (not the best choice).
Also in the package, some new books. I heard them talk about Dead Doctors Don't Lie on Coast To Coast AM a while ago.
The mosquitoes are aggressive now. Yesterday I got bit and had two large red welts on each thigh. Today I got bit on each butt cheek and it looks really bad, like I have some giant zits on my butt. I'm feeling very itchy. Annoying.

Beautiful Waterfall

I was debating with myself whether I should make an appearance at work last night but in the end Chhaya and staying at home won. I went for a run, I amazed myself again over my own abilities. Isn't the body a fantastic machine, for a lack of a better word? Then I took a long bath and went to sleep early and got up at 9 this morning. A latte from Kaladi is today's plan so far.
So the reason I went to Anchorage earlier this week was to do a photo shoot. You don't have to be Gisele Bundchen to be in front of the camera you know......although in my head I am, almost. Ha Ha. So the photographer wanted to shoot by the waterfall I already took pics by almost two years ago. It's a beautiful waterfall in Eagle River, so I thought it was a great idea and had visions of the amazing images we were going to create. And I brought Chhaya too. Well, the shoot was.....awkward. One of my top three most awkward shoots.
You never know who this person might be that you are meeting up with and you don't always have good chemistry together. Some photographers I work well with and the results are really good. This guy, although nice is what we call "A Guy With A Camera". And there is NOTHING wrong with that, you can still (hopefully) take great photos and everybody has to start somewhere, obviously. There is more stuff involved than just aiming the camera at the object you intend to photograph and pressing down the shutter button. Lights, focus and angles are crucial, even Gisele could look not so fab in the wrong angle.....or could she?
But his communication skills were kind of lacking (at least the communication with me) and I felt annoyed and frustrated a few times. Oh well. That's how it is sometimes.
And you never know, it's very possible that we got a few good pictures. And I am hoping! I had Chhaya pose for some pics, so at least I got a few good ones of her. She is definitely a super model. The waterfalls are a short hike in through the forest from the parking area. They are rather big and very beautiful. Definitely worth seeing.

This is one of the pics from my last shoot I did at the waterfalls. That photographer was a real professional and we understood each other. It was September and my feet were completely numb when we were done and we worked fast.

If you want to see this place, look up directions for South Fork Eagle River Waterfalls. You can go up to the viewpoint or be down by the water. To be down by the water, make a right before the bridge and after a short walk through the forest (some climbing involved) you can enjoy the scenery.


I heard about some bulls in Spain that put a couple of bullfighters (Matadors) in the hospital and the bullfighting had to be suspended. I read up a little about it today but it makes me feel very uneasy and sad. I am, in case you do not know this about me (yet) for animal rights and I do not like to see animals get hurt, mistreated, I don't like zoo's and circuses and any other event that puts animals at risk for the sake of human enjoyment. Bullfighting and that other thing they do in Spain, running with the bulls is barbaric and I can't understand why people would even want to attend a bullfight or go running with the bulls. Oy vey, the Matadors got injured.....poor them! It wouldn't matter to me if they died from their injuries. I am sure that the bulls died a slow and painful death while thousands of people watched and cheered on like bloodthirsty maniacs.....sometimes human beings haven't evolved much since the days of fighting in the Colosseum, which was done to keep the masses happy and oblivious.
Yes, I have been to zoo's and to the circus and to Sea World, a long time ago before I really started thinking about the lives the animals must endure locked up like that. No more such visits for me. Unless I go there to report on some problem or investigate something.You want the circus? Go see Cirque du Solei. You want a zoo? Go to a strip club. You want a bullfight? Go to a some event where people beat or wrestle with each other.
And while I am on this topic about animal rights, let me talk about eating meat. I very rarely eat meat (yes, this includes chicken and fish). I think I've had meat twice this year. And there have been years of no meat at all. People erroneously believe that they need a lot of meat to grow strong and healthy, preferably everyday. This is what the meat industry wants us to believe, because the meat industry makes a lot of money. If people stopped and thought about, or saw with their own eyes, how most of those animals live (if you can call that awful existence living) and under what conditions, some would probably refrain from meat. And the animals are also given all kinds of poison (antibiotics) plus get fed some weird mixture of food that many times is not natural for them to eat (like ground up animals).
If you truly love your pet that you have at home then I think you can take that love a little further and start thinking about how the animals that you consume lived their life before they ended up on your plate or in that burger you ordered form the drive-thru. I have been around enough pigs, cows and horses to be convinced that they have feelings and think, I believe that animals are sentient beings. You can tell when you look into their eyes. So please, I ask you to be gentler to the animals, yourself and the planet and at least reduce your meat intake. Most likely you will get healthier from eating less meat. I have zero meat cravings (except when I visit the Polish Deli in Vegas and see and smell the Kabanosy sausages) and don't miss eating meat. And I feel and look healthy.
But before I start pointing fingers and pontificating, I am not innocent and free from flaws.
I do eat eggs once in a while, I could put in more effort to find eggs from local farmers where I live, where the chickens live good lives. I could and I should! I do eat milk products like cheese and yogurt. And those lattes I drink have milk in them. I tried soy but I don't like it plus I don't know what to think about the reports about linking soy and cancer, they are conflicting.
I know that there is almond milk and other milk alternatives, so I can definitely improve in that area. Yes, I can do more and improve myself, absolutely.

Look at this cutie! I want to give him hugs and kisses!

Road Trip With Chhaya

I had a great road trip with Chhaya yesterday, driving back home from Anchorage. It was a perfect day - blue skies, sunny, warm and the air smelled like blooming trees and flowers.
I usually drive straight through with a break or two for me and/or Chhaya to pee but this time I took my time, stopped for pictures and discovered some new places. I had the best drive back home ever.
The highway between Anchorage and Girdwood is very scenic. Really, the landscape is spectacular, you see mountains and glaciers. It's even voted one of the most scenic highways here in the US.

When I stopped at this sign (below) I met two ladies from Long Island New York, on a two week RV adventure in AK. I told them some of my favorite spots and they are going on a rafting trip in Denali, I want to go on that one also. They loved Chhaya and she liked them too. After I took a pic of Chhaya one of them said she was going to take a pic of me and Chhaya together. I said that I didn't want to. She was like....WHY? I told her I felt grimy (up since 7, spent the night in the car, had a facial and 14 hours later I felt not so fresh). In her heavy New York accent she said, "You are supposed to feel grimy, take a picture!". I obliged and she was totally right, of course! Who cares about a little grime, right? I love people from New York in general, I don't feel they are rude at all (like so many others do), I like honest and candid, I prefer that any day over fake and backstabbing. More of what I relate with myself. New York City is my favorite city so far in the US. Just thought I would throw that in here since I am talking about New York.

The Kenai Peninsula sign. This is where we live.....well, not exactly where the sign is (but you get that, right?).

I don't know the name of this lake but I stopped because I saw the mountains reflect in the water and some fish jumping.

Tern Lake. This is where you go either straight to Seward (if you come from Anchorage) or make a right and the road will take you to Homer where it ends. I discovered a day use camping area here and some trails that I didn't know of before.

When I finally arrived in Soldotna the sun had set, some pink colors were still lingering over the Kenai river.

Scary Cloud

Last night when I was driving back home from Anchorage I saw a huge and very scary looking cloud to my left while coming up on Sterling. I have never seen such a cloud before, it looked like a demon or something. I could finally turn off the road a take a pic of it right before I got to Soldotna. It looked much larger and scarier in real life, hovering over the trees.

When I got up today I smelled smoke in the air and when I got to Coffee Roasters and saw the first page of Anchorage Daily News the smell of smoke and the cloud got explained to me. There was a very large wildfire burning here yesterday and the scary looking cloud was basically smoke from the fire, hence the smoke smell. The fire seems to be caused by human error. I hope nobody got hurt.


Somebody got up early today....I took a small trip to Anchorage. Spent last night with primping procedures like waxing my legs, moisturizing from head to toe and painting my nails. The color is called Go Ginza by Essie, fitting because it looks like my little brother that lives in Sweden got a job in Tokyo.....I can't wait to visit him there! I have a fascination with Japan and everything KAWAII.

Dinner at Mooses Tooth....yummy pizza and then a rhubarb crisp. I also caught up on the latest global news, you don't have to read any magazines just keep up with my blog and I will fill you in on all that you need to know. For free! My boyfriend is on the cover of TIME, I'm so proud of him!

The sun set by Mount Susitna, also called The Sleeping Lady. I'm sleepy myself....time for bed.


What a great day! You know that you love your life, despite any minor problems and annoying people, when you laugh out loud by yourself for no other reason than feeling happy.
That was me earlier today.....or maybe I'm going insane? Either way, life is good.
I just got back from the gym. My new routine consists of swinging 100 lbs weights around while loudly grunting. That will get you in shape in no time.

It's Sunday afternoon. I will spend it by being lazy outside, doing a couple of loads of laundry and cuddling with Chhaya. Look at my little gargoyle, she is such a cutie!

Stuff To Get Off My Chest

I got home after 5 AM this morning, the moon was still hovering in the sky, pale and pretty and a bright red sun was coming up. I was on the phone with my brother and couldn't take a pic of the sun. Then I woke up after less than five hours of sleep, therefore I'm feeling a bit tired now and in need of a nap.

I went into town for some errands but I don't do anything before getting a latte, so I took care of that first and got some treats for Chhaya. She knows when we go to Kaladi and expects her treats. Look at her taking the treat out of my mouth, she is very gentle. In fact, she knows the command "gentle". Super smart, just like her Mommy. ;-)

This is what my purse looks like, it's what a dancers purse should always look like (give and take a few items). Cash and dog treats, somewhere on the bottom there is also a chap stick (Baby Lips) a pink Hello Kitty mirror and a rose quartz rock.

I got a package today but you will have to check back another time to find out what's in keep things interesting.

Now I'm home and it is amazingly beautiful and actually really warm outside, I will get nekkid and tan for a while and then walk Chhaya.
But before I go I have some stuff to get off my chest. I've had some issues with a person in my life for a few days now. It's been bothering me quite a bit and I felt rather sad today because of the whole mess. That person told me that I have said that I have a lot of readers of the blog (just a fraction of the mess). The way she put it sounded negative, like I am bragging about writing a blog and having "lots" of readers. First of all, having a blog is nothing to brag about, anyone can write one and millions of people do, so I would never brag about something like that, besides that is not who I am. I think there are like 70 million blogs on Tumblr so come on now! Have I ever mentioned to her that I have readers? Yes, when something blog related comes up. I mean, I write this blog every day so why shouldn't I be able to talk about it with my friends? Do I have a lot of readers? I don't know. About a year ago I thought I had about 30 000 readers a day, I was like whaaaat and got very excited! I had a different statistic program then, not as detailed as the one I use today. My friend KISA (Knight In Shining Armor) that also helps me out a lot with the technical aspects of the blog (confusing if you are not a computer language person) gently told me that most of those visitors were actually spam, he brought me down from my happy cloud of thinking I had that crazy amount of readers.
Thank You KISA!
I know people read the blog because I've had complete strangers approach me to let me know that they do (mostly other dancers) and just a few days ago I got a comment from a person that found the blog by looking up info for INGROWN HAIRS, yes..... (!) ha ha and found my blog and is now a reader. I don't tell a bunch of people about my blog, in fact I told one person about it in April and May combined (in person). I know I could spread the word in many ways, like have thousands of Facebook friends and each time I write an entry tell them about it. I could make stickers and advertise the blog like that. I could comment on other blogs or chat rooms and spam them with my blog. I do read other people's blogs and when I do comment I will leave a link to my blog, this is what you do. I only comment if I have something relevant or encouraging to say, maybe even question some stuff, give my input. Many bloggers like having a discussion going, it gives the blog "life', especially some of the wonderful feminist blogs I read out of Sweden, those are the ones I comment on and one other blog in the US.
I always comment as myself because I have no need to be anonymous or hide behind a different name. Most of the readers of my blog are silent, meaning they read but never or rarely comment. Which is fine, that's just how it is and some people don't want to put in that extra effort it takes to comment or don't want to stick out their nose like that. Some of them tell me in person that they read my blog and bring up a specific entry to me and other times I get a private message. For example, Boss Lady (the manager at work) reads my blog, she tells me in person but she doesn't leave comments ever. What is disappointing is when I know for a fact that some of my personal friends read it on a regular basis but have nothing to say, neither to me personally or by leaving an occasional comment. Like they pretend they don't read it or something. I am not asking for praises or admiration but it would be nice to get some feedback once in a while from a close friend. A girl that I was friends with for a long time told me that she didn't read and comment because she felt resentment that I write a blog, since she considered herself to be a writer and a photographer. I would have to specifically ask her to give me input on entries that I thought she would find interesting or ask her if she ever read the blog, she reluctantly read it a little and did leave a few nice and thoughtful comments and then it finally came out that in fact she felt resentful. That is just sad, like why? I don't consider myself a writer or a photographer, although I write this blog on an almost daily basis and take pictures to go with what I write. Blogging is not my source of income, I do this because I enjoy it. It doesn't really matter how many readers I have, I know that I'm not writing a column for People magazine or Time, it's a personal blog about me, my regular life and my opinions. And if I can reach a handful of people and entertain them, put a smile on their face or encourage them to do something positive, maybe get a good discussion started - that is plenty for me, that makes me happy. I can say this much, if anyone of my friends did something creative where I could leave input in any way, I would gladly do so.
I have no problem showing my friends encouragement and sharing that with them. If a friend had a blog - I would read it and comment. If they wrote a book, I would read it. If they painted, I would be interested in seeing their art. To me, that is part of being a friend, you lift each other up and encourage each other. I know some of my friends rarely or ever read anything (some people don't read, I don't get that but that's how it is) and that's fine, I'm not going to force them to read the blog. But when a friend reads kind of in secret and never gives any input or some other friend resents me, simply because I write a blog and she doesn't.....then what kind of a friend is that?
Ahhhhhh......I feel a little better now.....or do I? It's now time to get nekkid and tan! And to all my readers, I appreciate you a lot!


Chhaya is living a life of leisure and I love doing all that I can to ensure that she does. She is worth it! I love spoiling my baby!

Speaking of life of makes me remember a funny person from my past. I don't think I have shared this story on the blog yet, so here you go, sit back and enjoy.....I met "Martell" at Crazy Horse Too in Vegas a long time ago. This is before I moved to Vegas, I was still living in Long Beach and would go to Vegas and work. He was really cute I thought and funny, we would giggle a lot together and we started talking and hit it off. It turned out that his real name was Steven and not "Martell", I guess that was his stage name or something.
And Martell is also some sort of cognac and he would sip cognac sometimes and he had long fingernails.....I thought it was hilarious! He was a white boy wanting to be Eminem. We finally went to the movies one evening and then I drove Steven home (he didn't have a car) and we cuddled on the couch in his living room and shared a few kisses. Quite innocent and cute, like a teenage romance. Then he told me he had court in the morning. What? Well, next thing I know Steven is in the Clark County Detention Center! I can't remember what he did that landed him there but he was transferred to the prison in Lovelock, NV after that and was locked up for a while. I visited him I think twice in the detention center (not in prison), it was my first time ever to a place like that and it was quite interesting. Then we were pen pals for a while and he would send me letters full of prison art, like pencil drawings of Mickey and Minnie Mouse and hearts. I would tell him about my every day life and sent him some Backstreet Boys lyrics once.
One day I got a weird letter talking about him being a man of leisure, it was some form of a pimp manifesto. I guess Steven wanted to become a pimp or something. Well, he was fishing in the wrong creek. I would never in my life work for a pimp and I think they are scumbags.
I saw girls in Vegas in the clubs with pimps, or so we heard and I never understood it.
Well, after that letter I stopped writing Steven, I wasn't going to waste any time on him anymore. A few years ago he found me on Facebook and apologized for the letter. He said some guy in prison egged him on to write it, whatever. He was back in Vegas, working and seemingly doing good. He asked if I wanted to meet up next time I was in Vegas (I was in Anchorage at this point) and I was kind of vague about it. It didn't take long for the old Martell to come back, he got mad that I didn't jump on the invite to meet up and I promptly told him off and deleted him from my Facebook friends. I have a select few friends on my Facebook, these are people that I would actually talk to in REAL life and not only hit the like button for when they post something. That's how it works for ME personally, I'd rather have a few GOOD friends (and those are hard to find, I have learned this by living) than a bunch of random people that I call "friends", that I don't even know. No thanks.
The only creature in my life that I can give a life of leisure to with pleasure is Chhaya. And my Mom, of course.
Mandy sent me this the other day. Yes Mandy, I agree.....we are too pretty to work.
We deserve a life of leisure also. :-)


The fog is gone and the sun is shining again. If I ever move away from here, I will miss the long summer days (when it's nice) with the light that lingers around, I love that. I was busy with errands today, Chhaya joined in. Of course I always park in the shade when the sun is out and I have a pillow for her to rest her head on if she wants to. She likes to stare down people and excitedly bark at every dog she sees. Plus she gets treats every time I go to Kaladi, so doing errands is usually a fun adventure.

This is my latest shoe buy. I got them in Vegas, ASH shoes. I have been wanting a pair for about a year, so I don't think I qualify for being considered an impulsive buyer. First I couldn't decide whether to go with a blue pair or a pink pair. Then I saw some black ones with a few bright colors, a more sporty design. In the end, I went with beige suede. I love them. They look super cute and sleek on. Still haven't worn them. They are in the closet waiting for the right occasion.

I'm staying in tonight. I promised Chhaya some quality time. That means play hide and seek, lots of cuddles and belly rubs. And she is getting her ears cleaned and teeth brushed.
Better get started.