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Dishes and Gigolos

Yesterday afternoon I occupied myself with this mountain of dishes and several loads of laundry. I have a dishwasher, brand new but it's not hooked up. Why I am not getting serious about hooking it up is one of those personal mysteries and constant procrastinations. I have noticed the rapid demise of my hands, I am constantly doing dishes and cleaning (it seems)....immersing my poor delicate hands in hot and soapy water. Now I have dry skin, although I use hand creams on a regular basis, AND some faint brown spots on my hands, probably from my skin being dry and therefore more prone to sun damage. I am mildly freaked out by this and wish that I would had hooked up my dishwasher years ago AND been diligent about protecting my hands with rubber gloves when doing dishes or washing floors etc. So if you are doing dishes by hand and keeping your house clean, I advice you to use rubber gloves to protect your hands or hire a maid! Listen to that advice, seriously!

So I don't have cable or satellite TV here in Alaska and my Netflix is very spotty at the moment.....this might happen if you basically live in the forest, like I do. But when I'm in
Vegas I like to indulge in such fabulous shows as RuPaul's Drag Race and Gigolos. I love me some RuPaul!
I was thinking about Gigolos. Now how is this possible? The guys on the show are escorts and they get paid for sex, on camera, in Vegas and that (prostitution) is illegal in Clark County.
Las Vegas is in Clark County. I was doing some research about this today.....and no, NOT some in depth research like I am planning to write a thesis on the Showtime reality TV series please if you read this and want to hold me accountable for any laws regarding escorting/soliciting/prostitution in Las Vegas, NV. Don't. Do your OWN research if you are curious......
The show is rather hilarious and I have seen a couple of the guys (gigolos) out and about in Vegas. So I guess there is a disclaimer in small print at the end of each episode that states that there were no money exchanged for the services provided by the gigolos or escorts or whatever they call themselves, so since they didn't receive any money for the sex they didn't break the law.....? ("No one depicted in this program was remunerated in exchange for engaging in sexual activity.") Although in the show they come off as men that you can hire for sex. They do meet up with women and the sex looks somewhat real, although you don't see any upclose penetration. I did read some articles and interviews that said this is ALL show and fake and that the women appearing in the show as the clients are all hired actresses basically. But then I have read other reports that say it is in fact all real.
Whatever, I don't know. I think some of it is HILARIOUS though. Listen (read) of the guys is described as a raven haired hunk. Another is a cougar magnet. Then we have the single father who escorts to support his son.
And how about some of the makes ME laugh at least.

"Jimmy services a married woman for her birthday as her husband watches and offers encouragement."

"Steven, needing money to send his son to summer camp, books two new clients, including a very large woman he connects with through Jimmy. The rest of the guys visit a psychic and Brace is particularly affected by her reading."

"Nick meets with a new client who tries to push him past his limits. Jimmy's new client is a budding dominatrix who outfits him with a "cock cage" that he wears for several days."

"Brace teaches a shy housewife how to be more aggressive for her husband. Steven meets a new client whose fetish is simulating being dead during sex. Vin's client wants the "boyfriend experience"."

"Steven is reunited with his first girlfriend; the other guys explore a new "manscaping" technique; Brace grants a bucket list wish for a woman diagnosed with cancer."

"Brace's appointment takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that his client is transgender."

"Brace meets a spray tanning technician who exchanges spray tanning for sexual favors."

I really like the woman client with a fetish for simulating being dead during sex. WHAT A GENIUS! I did not know this is a fetish and I am going to adopt this as my own fetish.
A playing dead during sex fetish is perfect for me since I am a very lazy vanilla pillow queen.
I just want to lay there and do AS LITTLE as possible. Ugh, GET OFF my hair and DON'T breathe on me!!!!
In reality I'm thinking that men for hire for sex is a way more lucrative market from a male client. I personally would never even consider paying a man to have sex with me (ask me in 50 years, maybe I will have a different opinion on the matter) and I don't think that women in general would pay a guy to have sex with them. Although sure, there is probably a small market out there for that. Men willing to pay for sex on the other hand, there are plenty of those out there. So a man paying a tanned, muscular, oiled up, spiky hair or longed hair, wild eyed man that goes by the name of Ash, Vin or Adon - I can absolutely see that. I am sure there is a huge market for that.
I recall reading some articles years ago that Heidi Fleiss was planning on opening up a stud ranch in Pahrump. A legal brothel where women could go and pick out a hunky man to have sex with. I don't know if Heidi opened the stud ranch or not, I think she ran her laundromat there for a while called Dirty Laundry (great name) and lived alone with her collection of parrots. Since Pahrump is located in one of the counties in Nevada where prostitution is legal, you can safely visit a brothel there. I think there are two brothels (geared towards male clients) currently in Pahrump (but don't quote me on that).....just a stone's throw away from Vegas, about 60 miles! Or like us Vegas locals say....."over the hump to Pahrump."
One thing though....Gigolos is a successful show. The guys have sex with women that pay them, supposedly. I wonder if you gathered a group of women escorts (in reality prostitutes) in Las Vegas and followed them around with a camera, showing them performing various sex acts with paying men, how long until that show would be shut down and the women prosecuted for breaking the law? There seems to be some serious double standards regarding men and women that sell sex. Gigolos are glorified in many ways I feel. And women prostitutes, well certainly not glorified. Slut shaming geared towards women in all forms is a fact, whether you are a prostitute or not. I know that male strippers are considered kind of cool and women that take their clothes off for money, well they are basically skanks and should be ashamed of themselves and their practices. Well, well.....I guess us women should be happy that we are allowed to vote, drive and make our own decisions....we can't have it all can we now? BARF and LOL.
And before I sign off, YOU too can be a gigolo - if you have what it takes that click on "employment" and you might be on your way to a new and exciting career!

Personal Challenge and Breaking Bad

This evening I decided to give myself a personal challenge.....and I succeeded. I ran the longest I ever have.....for 50 minutes. I am not a Kenyan long distance runner, so don't expect too much of me but I keep a pretty good pace. I have a certain route I run on the roads by my house and I basically doubled it. When it dries up a bit in a few weeks or so I can add on to the run by maybe 10-12 minutes. I don't think that I will make this a regular thing, maybe a once a week thing if that, the longer run that is. Plus I need new running shoes, I've had mine for over two years now and they are just regular Nike's not specifically made for running.
I think I need two pairs, so I can switch in between them, if YOU have a certain pair in mind for me, e mail me and I will send you my mailing address. :-)

So far I've had a FANTASTIC day.....and its' going to end even better. I just sat down with the last season of Breaking Bad so I will be occupied with Walter and Jesse for a couple of nights. In case you haven't followed my blog for a while....I LOVE Breaking Bad, it's the best show ever! And to celebrate the occasion I threw together some amazing Breaking Bad pics.

Selfie Time

Hello Monday and it's selfie time again! Here you go.....up close and personal for your admiration and scrutiny!

I actually have a lot of stuff on my to do list for today and tomorrow so I better get busy with that. And after sitting here and staring blankly at the screen for a minute or so without being able to come up with anything fun or interesting to write about I will shift my ass into "to do gear" and return to the blog later when I have something to say.....until then Happy Monday!

Explanation and Soggy Hike

I'm glad I went to work last night, I had a good night and spent it in enjoyable company. I had two devoted blog readers in last night and I had to explain some stuff. If you don't read the blog every day you might miss out on some stuff and then what I write might seem confusing. Like no, I am not really an assistant manager at the club here.....I am the self appointed assistant manager. And it's a joke of course. I would clean house if I was the manager and Boss Lady knows this therefore she would never let me take her position. And there is definitely some cleaning needed. And I don't refer to vacuuming now.
Also, I do not think that all guys that come in are pervs.....obviously (like I wrote in the entry prior to this). Think of it more as a term of endearment. I joke around a lot in the blog and at work. Sometimes at work I blurt out that I am a trafficked sex slave held hostage, that I have a pinworm infestation, a very itchy and chronic yeast infection and bla bla bla......whatever that I might think of in that moment. Obviously I am not held hostage in any kind of way and I am 100% healthy with no scary infections or exotic diseases. My humor ranges from Fawlty Towers style to Borat. (I am not amused by Yo Mama and Knock Knock jokes whatsoever).
I can't keep everybody in mind when I write stuff, so of course some people will not get what I write all the time, misunderstand, get offended or even grossed out and actually believe that I do have pinworms. Oh LOL - the thought of that is highly amusing to me! :-D I did find out that I have gained some readers in a certain medical practice clinic in Anchorage.....that is always nice to find out. Keep on reading doctors! that we got that cleared up.....this Sunday is coming to an end and I went on a soggy hike today, through the swampy wet muskeg and forest around where I live. I got swarmed by mosquitoes and sweaty while working myself through the swamp.
Great workout. Now I'm in bed resting my tired legs and thinking about what else I can eat, I am having acute food cravings.
Here I am scanning my grounds for another bear to wrestle. I like to show the bears around here that I'm the one and only boss.

Of course Chhaya was right there with me. She is such a good sport, fearless and willing to explore everything with me. She is the best friend ever.

This is her friend Mousie. She bites on Mousie but gentle enough not to rip Mousie apart......sooooo cute. Then she brings Mousie outside but carries Mousie back inside when I tell her the command "Bring".

Bread and Coffee

I woke up at 9 this morning......I decided that it was a bit too early for me and snuggled up behind Chhaya and drifted in and out of sleep for another two hours or so. It's gray and cold out so no more tanning outside until the sun decides to come back. I had plans of working Thursday and Friday but Thursday I had some unexpected guests come over and we made a fire outside and hung out, that was nice. Then yesterday I got occupied with a new book, Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. I'm addicted to reading, sometimes so much that nothing else (besides Chhaya and food) matters. I am also addicted to this bread that I found at Fred Meyer a few months ago. They bake it in the store and fill it with raisins and cinnamon, soooooo good. I love bread. So last night I was reading my book and eating bread.
Super exciting Friday night!

Now I am at Coffee Roasters, aka my office. My fave barista (ONE of them, I have like topped my latte off with a pretty heart. ❤

This is my everyday "look". Jeans by Seven For All Mankind, t shirt from Whole Foods and Hunter boots. I think I need another pair of Hunter boots, like in orange or green. Heels in Kenai, besides at work? Not so much. Make up and shit like that during the day? I would never bother.

Well, I might work tonight since I am the assistant manager and all.....I need to make sure that my bitches are behaving and making money. ;-)
And more importantly.....that the pervs are spending money!
Maybe a run before work too. I talked to my friend Rose-Marie in Sweden the other day and told her I went for my first run of the year the other day, she is a runner and she goes on way longer stretches than I 10 K or more. The girl has stamina and determination!
She told me to run further so I pushed myself a little yesterday and instead of the usual 25 minute or so run, I did 36 minutes. I love it, it feels great. Hej du läser det här.....jag saknar dig en massa!!!! Kram!


There are senseless acts happening everyday. Sometimes I wish I could just live in a latte bubble and not bother with anything besides myself. I see that some doctors that were trying to do good and help others (in this case women and children) got gunned down at a hospital in Afghanistan. It happened to be American doctors this time but they could had been from any country. Fact is that they were there trying to help other people. I admire organizations like Doctors Without Borders for example very much because a lot of times they are putting their own lives and safety at risk. I don't know if my selfless devotion to humanity stretches that far. There have been numerous attacks on Westerners in that area for a while now, lots of journalists killed. I say, get the hell out of there, it is not worth it! And I love journalism, a super awesome profession I think.
One thing I do not understand is how anyone willingly would want to try to climb Mount Everest when there is a high chance of dying during the climb. Not only is it very expensive to embark on such a foolish (my opinion)'s also dangerous. People that are married with kids do this and I can't comprehend that, how climbing Mount Everest or any dangerous peak is more important of an ego boost than your own family? There recently was an avalanche on Mount Everest that killed a lot of people. Also while climbing to the top you pass others that have died there. They just lay there, dead and frozen. That is creepy, I would not want to see that. From what I understand many of the climbers are so focused on getting to the top that nothing else matters, many times they have one try only and the weather also plays a significant part. So they must reach the summit and take that selfie up there no matter what.
I have myself been on top of Mount Charleston and Mount San Gorgonio. Both times I was exhausted and close to tears. Although in the end it was worth it and a good memory but I wasn't close to dying or injuring myself. I do have dreams of hiking Machu Picchu, maybe one day. There will be plenty of selfies if I do.
And before I log off for the evening. When I was at the gym last week (have to go again soon) I caught a glimpse of a special they did on beggars on The O'Reilly Factor. They had some man pose as a beggar, dressed him down in ripped clothes and accesorized him with a fake beard. He sat out on the street for some time, alternating between two different signs that explained why he needed money. They calculated that he would had made $90 at the end of an eight hour shift at the rate he was collecting donations. That is tax free and they reported that he would be making about $23 000/year panhandling. There have also been plenty of reports done where they have followed some seemingly poor, hungry and miserable panhandlers just to see them drive off in a nice car.
I don't know how I stand on this issue. I used to give to almost every beggar I came across but I cut down on that, or I would have to beg too.....beg to make money so I could turn around and give it to the beggars. This last time I was in Vegas I gave a couple of dollars to two people, there are plenty of people begging on the Strip. You see the same people everyday.
I get sad when I see them with dogs that look thirsty or badly taken care of. I have given water and food to the dogs before.
When I lived in Sweden you rarely saw any beggars out on the streets, once in a while you would get approached by some random person asking to bum a cigarette. I guess now there are like crews of beggars from Rumania and Hungary all over. Maybe it pays better to be a beggar on the streets of Stockholm than to do nothing in whatever country they are coming from. You hear that begging is some of these people's profession and that sometimes they have a boss and need to collect a certain quota money wise each day. Kind of like a pimp.
I guess social workers say not to give to beggars because a lot of times it only helps alcoholics and drug users to continue their habits. That it is better to give to charities instead that help the homeless. But then you hear reports about charities paying themselves with a large chunk of the money collected and that many of the people working for the charities in high positions enjoy lavish lifestyles. And that only a small percentage of the money collected goes to the intended cause. What a senseless world this is.


Vegas in the place where I have seen the most cases of guys being bamboozled in the strip club. Therefore my advice is, bring cash only and PAY ATTENTION! Don't get so shit faced that you don't know what you are doing and think that all the dancers will be nice like me and not take total advantage of the situation. Why anybody over 21 wants to be totally shit faced out on public is a mystery to me. That just looks BAD and ugly, now you know. I saw a middle aged man vomit all over the carpeted floor and the stage a few weeks ago, DISGUSTING.
Not OK unless you have acute food poisoning. Or you contracted Ebola or something.
Learn the price of a lap dance in the club. Unfortunately some clubs have those thirsty piranhas lurking in them that will swarm you as soon as you enter the club. I'm not thirsty, desperate or bad looking so I don't have to resort to those embarrassing practices. What I did notice in the last club I worked at in Vegas was just that, guys getting attacked as soon as they got their drinks, then forcefully pulled away. Some of them had enough sense in them to say no. The dancers reminded me of hungry piranhas. So that is what I now call desperate strippers - piranhas. Also the scams that go on. You get one lap dance. You would think that the dancer would ask you if you want another one when the next song starts, right? Wrong! Some piranhas just continue and then after some time when the drunk guys wakes up from the boobs and ass is his face trance and realizes that some time has gone by....he owes for five or ten dances. TAAAADAAAA!
Then there is the VIP room scam and that is where the big money gets bamboozled.
I'm talking about $ 1000 and up. It is one thing if the guy knows how much he is about to spend and agrees to it and a whole other thing if he gets taken for a ride. I saw a sad looking kid in the club in Vegas, I knew that he just came out of the VIP with two big time thirsty hustlers. I asked him if everything was OK. He ended up telling me that he was from Nebraska, 23, first time in Vegas, first time in a strip club and that whole adventure had cost him $ 3000 and he had to put it on the company credit card and didn't know how he was going to explain this "fun" to the boss and let alone pay for it. I walked up to the manager and said, "The guys are getting bamboozled in this club." He didn't say anything, he just looked away. I saw this scenario at least once a night, one or two girls at the cashier, pushing/telling a drunk sometimes inebriated guy that he must sign the credit card slip. The guy, looking bewildered/surprised/sometimes angry/resigned. You think you will get repeat and happy customers like this? Let me answer that question for you - HELL NO!
Look, I know that us dancers have to pay high stage fees (in some clubs), that we all want to make good money, preferably every time we step our high heeled foot on that stage to start our shift for that night. BUT COME ON NOW! Regardless of where I am, I TRY to treat people the way I want to be treated. And sometimes I just completely ignore the people I don't want to bother with. Would I want somebody to scam me out of money? Absolutely not. I went through a really bad real estate deal twice.....because I was very naive and trusted that the people I was dealing with only had good intentions. Well, little did I know! LOL! Welcome to capitalism, predatory loans and America! I survived and learned but that whole ordeal left a very bad taste in my mouth. So fuck you predatory lenders and the real estate agents that work with them, your time will come!
You can always refuse to pay if you feel bamboozled, that is my advice. Call the cops right then and there, sure it might be a bit embarrassing but would you rather pay $3000 if you honestly can say that you were being conned? You can maybe call the Better Business Bureau, file a complaint somewhere or tell the credit card company that you refuse to pay. After so many filed complaints, things will get noticed and investigated.
At Crazy Horse Too back in the day they had a few cases of guys refusing to pay, they got taken out back and dealt with Goodfellas style. Not cool. The club had a few high profile lawsuits because of this.
Even if some and other nights many, of the guys I encounter are total BASIC jerks and "gregs", I never rip anyone off. Trust me, sometimes I think that a greg deserves what's coming to his asshole apart piranhas! I have a few times dealt with that guy that thinks he is fucking funny, agrees to a dance and then refuses to pay. Really?! Usually the sight of the bouncer will make him fork over the cash real quick or me threatening to donkey kick his small balls way up into his small intestine. I also once had a guy thinking a dance was $15 when it was $50......he didn't have the money on him or an ATM card. Well, my loss I thought.....oh well. He left and came back a little later with the money.
So, for the guys out there trying to scam dancers and refuse to pay when you really DO owe the money.....DON'T. Just don't. Do you dine at a restaurant and then refuse to pay for the meal you just enjoyed? Do you leave your car for repairs and drive away without settling the bill? Probably not, so the same goes for a strip club. It is a place of business. I am in there working and I actually pay the club for the pleasure of working there. And for the dancers doing it, well I think it is managements job to put an end to it. If I was managing a club I would want happy and repeat customers. The day I have to resort to being a hungry piranha I will know that the time has come for me to stop dancing.

A bit off topic bit still concerning working as a dancer.....especially in Vegas. The threat of Metro coming in undercover and citing you for things that sometimes make no sense and that are completely OK one evening but then not OK when Metro is spying in the club.
You can get charged with prostitution for giving a "bad" lap dance even if there was NO sex whatsoever involved. Kind of crazy. Fun to have prostitution on your record, especially if you didn't engage in it. They should charge the guy too getting that "bad" lap dance with being a John to make it fair. In Sweden it is illegal to buy sex but not illegal to sell sex. They are trying a different approach there to curb the demand for prostitution. Pimping is illegal too in Sweden. Good! I hate pimps, they are such low lives, all of them should rot in jail.

And then....there is this. Some doctor is refusing to pay his rather steep bill after enjoying himself at Scores NYC. Like I said earlier in this entry.....bring cash. Whether the doctor is guilty and should pay or was drugged as he claimed, I don't know.....that is up to a judge and jury to decide I guess.

Earth Day

It's Earth Day today people! What does that mean? Kind of like Valentine's's a good day to think a little extra about something and put in that little extra effort. I'm a real tree hugger so for me it's Earth Day year round. I do actually talk to the trees sometimes and give them hugs and kisses. Although I do contribute to pollution by driving a car and flying around the country and I am a consumer. If I lived in NYC it would be subway and walking all the time. I can proudly announce that the last two times I went to NYC I didn't set my foot in a motorized vehicle, I shlepped my two suitcases and my carry on around on the subway back and forth to the airport.
I went to the beach again today with the purpose to gather up some trash. Not only am I a scandalous, no shame dancer, I am also a self appointed trash picker. Probably my true calling in life, I should see if the local dump is hiring. As always there was plenty to be collected. Human beings are so filthy, it never ceases to amaze me. I am especially bothered by the church going folks.....preaching about God and bla bla bla and then they turn around and do no good. What does it say in the Bible again, that God created Earth? That's right, if God created Earth then take care of it, cherish it and get off your lazy ass and take your trash out with you!

My plans for the rest of the day.....I might go for another run if it's not too windy. Then I think I am going to burn some incense and talk to the trees.


There has been some firsts for the year since yesterday. It was nice and warm out yesterday, so much so that I tanned outside for the first time this year, I did it again today. I am pale and burn easy, so only about ten minutes on each side. I have so many moles, probably 100 plus. Hello melanoma!

Laying outside is very peaceful. I hear only the wind rustling through the trees, the occasional airplane and the chime making sounds.

Chhaya is spending most of her time outside now, she loves laying in the sun, soaking it up like a lizard.

Another first for yesterday.....I got attacked by the first mosquito of the year. Last year the mosquitoes were harassing this area in thick swarms, it was really bad, there were even lengthy articles in the local papers about the unusually large amount of mosquitoes here. It looks like it might be another year thick with those fuckers. Yeay......not.
Today I walked barefoot for the first time this year and brought out the flip flops. Havaianas.

Then I went on my first run of the year. It was great and I am so happy I can start running outside again. Today I did a 25 minute run, to keep the Kenai chunk away. I get chunky
(I think) here in Kenai and usually the chunk comes off when I go somewhere else for a while. There is no Whole Foods here. I enjoy running, it makes me feel alive and I inhale the fresh air deep into my lungs, they need it, the club here is so smokey. It should be illegal to subject non smokers to unhealthy poison like that.

I was jumping around like a newborn calf.

After the run I took Chhaya to the beach for a walk. It takes me about five minutes to drive there.

Chhaya is sleeping now.....I'm listening to Coast To Coast, texting, drinking tea and eating garlic naan and hummus. Soon I am going to brush my teeth, take out my contacts, turn off the light and go to sleep.


There have been so many horrible accidents lately. The Malaysia Airlines jet that disappeared with hundreds of people on board and is thought to have crashed into the ocean with no survivors. The bus crash in CA. The South Korean ferry disaster with so many people dead and hundreds still missing, drowning in the ocean. The avalanche on Mount Everest. SO SAD.
I get very emotional over stuff like this and imagine the victims last moments and struggle for survival. Were they scared? I wish I could take away their pain. And what about the anguish of the surviving relatives and friends? How awful. One minute we are here and alive but that can change in an instant. But then I'm it better to live until you are so old that you can't function on your own anymore, when you need others to do the things you took for granted for you? Is that better? Again I'm thinking about life and death a lot right now and wonder if the life we live here, on Earth, is some kind of a cruel joke, basically a long road of suffering. Some people really suffer. They are hungry, abused, hurt. Live under difficult circumstances with seemingly no hope for a positive change. What is the meaning of a life like that? Maybe death is a sweet relief in the end. Maybe death is the beginning of what's awaiting us next, some form of heaven or paradise? I can only hope because I have a very difficult time in coming to terms with that this life here is it. It can't be!
I have been out of the loop with the global news lately but I have heard bits and pieces about the situation in Ukraine. Some people think that we are on the brink on World War 3.

(Pic borrowed from

Putin is considered to be the most powerful man in the world, according to Forbes magazine and I can guarantee according to him too. What if they would just divide up Ukraine into two different countries? Like how former Yugoslavia decided in splitting into seven different countries. Or the Czechoslovakia breakup into two.
I guess Putin was asked if he was planning on taking back Alaska know the 49th state used to belong to Russia and he said no because it's too cold. He also said, "“Who needs Alaska?” Putin obviously doesn't know that I am in Alaska. HELLO!!!?
What can you say about Putin? Here he is on one of his many adventures.....riding a horse in Siberia.

(AP Photo/RIA Novosti, Alexei Druzhinin, POOL)

Besides this I have been listening to rather scary accounts of whether the US truly is a democracy or an oligarchy. What do you think? I think people in general are like a herd of controlled sheep. And I include myself in that herd. It's scary. Ignorance is bliss, until shit hits the fan that is.