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Late Night

Here I am at 3 15 AM, in bed reading, thinking about taking a bath, brushing my teeth and calling it a night. I like to stay up late at night even when I am not working. I have not done anything interesting this weekend, I didn't even go to work because I wasn't in the mood. I stayed home, ate, read, slept, doted on Chhaya, made a really good stir fry. I think I will be ready for work again soon.
So I just read that the two teenage football players (Steubenville High School, Ohio) got found guilty of raping that 16 year old girl. GOOD! I have been following the case, curious about the outcome. To me it seemed like there was plenty of evidence to convict them but then you know there is also this mentality that "boys will be boys" and you know she was just "some dumb drunk girl asking for it". Yeah, she was drunk, way too drunk, she passed out poor thing. But most of us have been there in some shape or form. I got wasted a few times as a teen. Being drunk and passed out is NOT an invitation for rape or any other violation. I wonder why none of her friends didn't step up and help her? Maybe scared to get involved or lose their popularity status? Also, it seems to me that boys that excel in sports, here in the US at least, seem to be able to or think that they can get away with pretty much everything and anything. Just following this recent case made it even more evident. How about putting more value on other qualities like reading, writing, math, art, kindness and thoughtfulness etc? Sure and yes, sports are fun, good for you and teaches you (hopefully) many valuable skills but life is so much more than being on that sports team. I think that should be emphasized more. But I wouldn't know, I guess.......I was never that much into sports growing up as a teen. I liked reading, music, dancing, going out and boys. And horses. Now I do like to play sports, not watch them (I find that boring). I like soccer (fotboll in Sweden), tennis, volleyball, badminton, basketball just to mention a few.
I do remember when I was 14 or 15 or so.........I liked a particular guy that didn't deserve my attention at all I can say now, looking back. He liked to play tennis, so I spent hours watching him play tennis and giggling if he looked my way. LAME! I wish I would had spent that time bothering with other things more worthy my time. But I was 14 and boy crazy. Thank goodness I grew out of that phase!
But back to this unfortunate (for the girl) rape. The guys I couldn't care less about, they got what they deserved, should had probably gotten some more time actually, I think they got off pretty easy. Now there will be people whining about that the boys lives and their promising football careers are over. So? What about the girl? What about HER life? How do you think she is coping now? I hope this will be a warning and a lesson for some, that being a star athlete on the high school football or basketball team or some other sport doesn't mean that you can get away with acting however you want.
Plus......I like nerds like Sheldon Cooper myself. ;-)

Animal Rights

I found this sad picture in a magazine the other day and I am a huge animal rights activist. I think that trophy hunting is barbaric and shows a very primitive and uneducated side in the people that take part in it. I don't care how much money you paid to go on some trip to shoot yourself a wolf, tiger, zebra etc - that doesn't make it RIGHT. I would never in my life have an animal head on my wall, a zebra rug on my floor or wear a fur coat.
The animals are killed with the sole purpose of being showcased as a trophy. They are not killed for the consumption of their meat. I am not going to be a hypocrite (because I personally can't stand hypocrites) and say that I never eat meat or wear clothing made from the skin of an animal. I do eat meat once in a while, I am a flexitarian. And I do have some clothing made of leather, for example leather pants. I am pretty sure the leather my pants are made of came from a cow that got slaughtered for it's meat, so the skin was a byproduct. I would never wear an animal that was slaughtered solely for the reason to become some pants or a coat. Like mink or fox.
I get really surprised when I see women hunting for trophies, they must have some extra testosterone or are trying hard to show off to the boys that they too can be bad ass - that is how I see it. Men that do it, to me, want to show off their power and often wealth. Power trip. To me it is tacky and like I already said.......barbaric and uneducated.
I'd much rather preserve the tigers and other endangered species in the world than let men get an ego boost.
It is one thing if you kill an animal for it's meat and then use it's skin and fur, I can't really argue against that. But to shoot a tiger ONLY to display the head and fur in your living room..........explain the reasoning behind that for me please. And make a valid argument for it, not only, "Because I can." There are plenty of endangered animals out there getting slaughtered on a daily basis. It is so wrong!
Some dumb men think that eating a rhino horn, a tiger penis or some shark fin soup etc work as some form of miraculous aphrodisiac and will get them a bigger and harder erection. Please do not use innocent animals for your own personal limp dick problems. Hugh Hefner is 86 and he pops a Viagra. You can do it too, leave the animals alone.
And yes, it would probably be kinder of me if I raised my own chickens and cows to kill and eat. But I know myself. I would fall in love with them and not be able to kill them. How could I possibly? I rarely eat meat. There have been times when I went for years without a bite of any kind of meat and that includes fish. I realize that people do not want to give up eating meat and fish. But I do think it is possible to eat less of it and be just as healthy if not even healthier from it. And to slaughter and animal to display as a trophy or because you have a penis dysfunction? That is plain WRONG - that is the only was to look at that issue.
I also think it is really tacky of Beyonce to keep stepping out in furs and clothing made from exotic animals. It only shows that she is a very selfish person that ONLY cares to show off her wealth and how "trendy" she is. To me she is tacky. Money, as we all know it.......DOES NOT BUY YOU CLASS.