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So I have used the Clarisonic Mia face brush a few times now. And I like skin looks the same, it's not like it made some huge transformation but then again I don't think that I have any special problems with my skin that I am trying to target. I just like the feeling of the brush on my face, it's like a mini mini facial cleaning. At least I hope it gets clean. Who knows? Maybe I will look like 15 again if I continue using it? ;-)
I have the basic Mia model with only one speed, the normal speed. There are a few other models out with more speeds. And if you are a man......don't shy away from skin care products. I have read the reviews on the Mia face brushes and even men use them and like them. The brushes come in many colors, you do not need to get a lavender like I did.

Hair Color

I got an email from a girl asking what hair color I use. You might wonder......."does Tatiana color her hair?" YES, I do! I don't change my hair color, I hide my gray hair. I have written about this before but I don't remember mentioning any specific products. I got my first gray (or do you spell it grey?) hairs around 18. It's supposedly hereditary (the premature graying), the Chinese believe it has to do with the kidneys and the blood in the liver. Could be true......when I was three I was hospitalized for a lengthy stay, something was severely wrong with what the doctors thought was my liver. I was very sick.
So what I do is I only color the gray areas, the new regrowth. I have an area where I have a larger spot of gray, on the right side of my head and some more spread throughout. Not my full head.....yet. LOL. This is only further proof of my high intelligence! And if you don't think that girls color their hair whether it is to change the color or camouflage their gray hair, think again.
I heard that Jennifer Lopez colors her gray regrowth every nine days. I am not as diligent......
I usually do it about every five weeks or so.
I use Argan Oil Hair Color by One 'N Only. And the 20 Volume developer by the same brand.
I mix three different shades together to match my own hair color as closely as I can. You do not have to go to a salon and spend lots of money to color your gray hair. I have been doing it at home myself and my hair looks fine. You need a brush for applying the developer and the color, that you mix together in a bowl according to the directions.
Remember to use a good deep conditioner once in a while. I like the Morrocan Oil products. Make sure you leave in the deep conditioner for at least 30 minutes. Also you can coat your hair in coconut oil, massage the oil into your scalp and sleep with it overnight. Guys can do this too!
I think that blow drying, flat ironing, over styling and over bleaching is what damages the hair the most. I never blow dry my hair. And I use a wide tooth comb when I brush it. I don't use hairspray or any other styling products either.
Before I found the Argan Oil Hair Color I used Clairol Deep Conditioning with Soy Complex.
It was good too but I like the Argan Oil better, it feels nicer - more gentle and rich. You can find them both at Sally Beauty Supply. And before I used the Clairol I used box colors that I got at the grocery store, like L'Oreal .
There are companies that are trying to develop a pill that will reverse the gray hair to it's original color, there are some pills out on the market already. I would maybe consider trying a pill like that if it worked for sure and if the side effect weren't too severe, like explosive diarrhea......
NOT good for work! I would have to charge extra for a lap dance with a shart ending.
At least $ 60.