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Happy New Year!

I want to wish everybody that reads my blog a very Happy New Year! Try to make it a good one full of positive and happy stuff. I wish you all the best. Several hundred people read my blog every day (there has been days of several thousands), I only know a handful of you and who the other are is a mystery. Very few have something to say, in form of comments but that's ok. I also read blogs, about ten or so and I rarely leave a comment, so I understand. But I want to thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy reading about my everyday life........and whatever else I write about. ;-)

Photographer Eye On Alaska


Well, I was following the story of the 23 year old girl that had the misfortune to step on a bus with six savages and got brutally raped by them for hours. I was hoping she would make it but she recently died from her injuries. No words, really. I don't know how another person can inflict such horror on another. I can't even grasp my head around it. I feel so bad for this girl and her family that are left with the memories of her and the knowledge of the event that led to her passing. Terrible! No man rapes a woman, ever. Strange that you never hear of groups of women attacking men on the street and raping them for hours. It is SO disgusting. I have always wanted to go to India, seems like a fascinating place and I love Indian food. But I have to say that after hearing about this and so many other incidents like this one, that women frequently get bothered and raped by men there and not much is done about it.......well I have no more desire to go to India. To me, it is a real shame that a country does so little to protect women from savages that roam around in society. I could never go there and perhaps witness something like that or subject myself to some twisted man hurting me. I feel so bad for this girl, she is in my thoughts........

Celebration At Work

We had a birthday celebration for MEEEEEEEE at work last night. How nice! There were pink & purple balloons, red velvet cupcakes and a cake with my name on written on it. Diann made it all. Thank you Diann! ❤
So this is what I looked like when I arrived at work. That is my new Burberry jacket, I just started wearing it and it is very comfortable, I love it........

About ten minutes after arriving at work I looked like this. It's amazing sometimes, the transformation. I have watched girls arrive at work that look like nothing special, then they put on some small/cute/skimpy/sexy outfit, some heels, lip gloss, fix their hair and voilà! That is one of my latest bras from Victoria's Secret and my most expensive bra so's shimmers nicely under the blacklight.

I ate way too many cupcakes......but they were soooooo good! I conked out on the couch and felt tired, fat and slightly dizzy. The gym is awaiting me.
I love red velvet cupcakes. And then I had birthday cake too of course. As you can see, Tatiana ❤ cupcakes.

You need some cupcakes?

And this was my pretty cake........

And here I am around 4 am, I was tired by then and so ready to go home and fall into bed. I had a great late birthday celebration at work! :-)

Work Stories

Since 2012 is almost over I need to share some work stories that recently happened. A few in New York and a few here in Soldotna right before I left for New York........since all of this happened in 2012 I want to tell them now and not bring them along into 2013.

Oh, the weirdos I meet at work......LOL. One evening here in Soldotna.......a slow evening I might add, some angry freak was sitting at the bar and I was too sitting at the bar chatting with a slightly tipsy but very funny and friendly older guy that called himself "Bob from down the road". Well the angry freak wanted my attention. I didn't like his attitude so I basically ignored him.
See, I don't fawn over guys at work. I think they should fawn over ME, I don't need money that bad that I need to kiss anyone's ass to get it. I am friendly and fun but I am not kissing ass.
That's not my job. And I don't have to either. So, he started telling me that I am a rude bitch.
Whatever freak, yes I am a rude bitch, you got that one right! If you think that I am going to get mad over being called a rude bitch then you are wrong. I am rude and I am a bitch sometimes and if I am a rude bitch to YOU then you have certainly deserved it, so there you go! Plus some people like that I am a bitch, they find it very refreshing since so many of the other girls are way too agreeable. I kept on talking to "Bob". The angry freak comes over and tells Bob that he doesn't even know to give him money so he can get a dance from me. What? I told Bob not to pay him any attention, that Bob should not give the freak any money for dances since they don't even know each other. So then the freak dug around in his pocket and threw some crumpled bills on the bar and demanded to get a lap dance. First of all, he was short, not enough money.
I don't do discount dances. Second, do not demand anything from me. I do not have to do anything. This is not Irak where women have no rights. I do not have to dance for anyone.
If somebody acts in a way that I am not comfortable with I will not give that person a dance. Or if they smell etc etc.
I have walked away from/denied dances before. I am in control, not you. So when I told him that he didn't have enough money for a dance and that I was actually busy with Bob, may I add that I told him this in a friendly tone......he got pissed, walked away and called me some ugly names. If I remember it correctly he said something about me being a "fucking bitch" this time. Now that was too much, if you are a man with an anger problem and a problem with women in general then I advise you to stay out of strip clubs. You do not belong there and you need therapy. So I told him to shut the fuck up or I would have no problem kicking him really hard in the balls.
Well, he told me to bring it and said that he would basically beat me to a pulp. LOL. Really? I told him to go ahead and hit me first and then I would gladly sit back and watch him get hauled off to the slammer and then I would SUE his ass too. Even better. So he kept on threatening me, blurting out a bunch of crap that doesn't mean anything to me anyway. He was the one that wanting attention from me, not the other way around. Then I had to go on stage. Well, he managed to get into it with some guy while I was on stage, they almost started fighting and they finally kicked the angry freak out. I haven't seen him since. What a charming fellow! I feel bad for his wife or girlfriend if he has one.........

Then another night some fat dude was sitting with a girl I work with. For some reason everybody thinks they can blurt out whatever they want about me, loudly. Well, she asked him what he thought of me. Funny, I never ask guys I sit with what they think of other girls. But then of course, I don't feel I need to......but then of course I am not 20 lbs overweight either with low self esteem. So he tells her that I am not his type because I am too tall. LOL. Guess what, you are not my type either, you are ugly and fat if you really want to know. And I am not that tall, I am 5'9'' but in my heels I appear taller and that doesn't bother me at all. Later on I was sitting by myself at the bar enthralled by a movie on the big screen. The fatso was sitting a few chairs away and he was trying to get my attention because he was "bored". I told him to fuck off and leave me alone. I am not "your type" remember? And you are not giving me any money anyways so do me a favor and don't even breathe in my direction. Go talk to the chunky chick you talked to earlier. Thank You.

Then we had the drunk asshole celebrating his bachelor party that thought it was a good idea to throw the ice cubes in his red plastic cup on my stage while I was up. Do not throw ice on the stage. I threw the ice back at him and told him.......guess what I told him......? To get the fuck away from my stage of course. And then he got kicked out.

Ok, so in New York at Private Eyes I had the pleasure (not) to meet a Hasidic Jew that smelled of old sweat. He pulled out a notebook from his pocket and asked me what my name was. See, he was going to bless me with lots of good luck if I would give him a free lap dance and then he would come back next week and pay for it. He was going to write down my name in his notebook so he could keep track of what girls that had danced for him for free that night. Ha! Well, needless to say I declined his offer and so did all the other girls. Please, when you go to a strip club or any other public place like a bar, restaurant, nightclub not smell like BO. Take a shower and put on deodorant. You can buy soap for cheap and deodorant too. Oh, and bring some money too.

Then my first night at New York Dolls I met a Polish guy that reprimanded me for being a dancer. He wondered what I was doing and that night I was actually wondering the same thing myself so I felt kind of vulnerable. See when I meet another Polish person it feels kind of personal somehow and this guy reminded me of one of my cousins, his words also struck a nerve and I got sad. So for about five minutes I got a little teary and he felt bad. He was nice actually and in some ways I know that he is right. But still, I'd much rather dance that do a lot of other things. But in his mind I should had became a professor or something similar. Maybe one day.......!

Ok, so now to the last work story. Also from New York Dolls. I was getting off the stage. I forgot to mention that the stage at New York Dolls has two fans in the floor blowing air straight up at you. So when I would stand in that air my hair would blow around and it looked really nice, I wish I had a picture of that. Anyways, I was getting off the stage and a couple motioned for me to come over and asked me to dance for the lady. She had on black stockings and a black short skirt. Well, I start the dance and she spreads her legs and she is not wearing any panties, her bf or husband was sitting with his arm around her, watching like a hawk. I have been in that situation before, a few times in Vegas. Well, this lady had some serious roast beef down there.
I like girls but far from all girls, ok. And I am certainly not going to dive in and put my head in between somebody's legs in a busy club. Plus she was definitely NOT my type, that VAGINE looked scary I have to say. When I turned around, I tried to pretend I had not seen what she was showing me, I didn't want to look at it, well when I turned around she grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto her while she pushed that crotch up into my butt. I struggled to get out of her desperate iron grip. LOL. She got an air dance of course.
That is kind of creepy. I am not rubbing myself against anyone's bare crotch at work. Unless it's a crotch that I like.......

Well, those are my recent work stories. I am actually about to hop in the shower and get ready for another night at work here in Alaska.


Yesterday I picked up a package my friend Rose-Marie in Sweden sent me. And in it I found these earrings which I love - long, dangly and silver. So I had to wear them tonight. She also sent a silver cuff that I had around my wrist. I got a lot of nice things this Christmas and for my birthday. How sweet! ♥
It's 4 am now and I am in bed eating Swedish candy that were in that package too. Kind of tired. Work was slow but I made a little bit anyway and had fun with my friends that I work with.
More blogging tomorrow, need to sleep now........

My Day

How did I spend my birthday? Yes, today my birthday although it's almost over now.......
I decided to give myself a birthday gift and joined the gym. Yeeeeay! I don't want to get (too) chunky and doughy this winter. The snow is here to stay until April sometime. So I went to the gym and got sweaty. The gym in Kenai is not fancy but it has what I need, except a stairmaster that I like that they have at the gyms in Vegas. It's a monster stairmaster that you climb up on so you are kind of high up. I think the model is called the StepMill. Ten minutes on that thing and you will feel a burn in your thighs, sweat and breathe heavy. I love that torture machine, it's great.......too bad they don't have it here. And there is no steam room here either, only a dry sauna and I like the steam room. It's good for the skin. I might try some spinning classes to mix things up a little.

That's my stomach after eating lots and lots since I got home almost a week more toffee left. I ate it all.

Earlier in the day (after my latte of course) I went for a really nice, long walk with my Chhaya.

And in the evening I had a yummy dinner. I felt a little sentimental, missed my Mom and thought of how fast time goes by. SO FAST and TOO FAST!
Another birthday came and went. Another year is almost over. I'm wondering......what's the meaning of life?

Better Late Than Never

Here are all the packages and envelopes that I need to send off to my friends, it's their Christmas gifts.......better late than never right? I haven't had the time since I got back home from New York last Friday. And I didn't want to send anything off before New York since I got most of the gifts when I was there. I think I got some good gifts together this year (like every year) and I love to spoil my friends.
Besides that I am obsessing over getting my whole house and myself ready for New Years.
I belive that the New Year should be started off right, with a clean and organized house and every small or large thing taken care of. So that is what I am busying myself with. And I am eating a lot too, chocolates, toffee, fooooooooood. No diets here. Work? Probably Friday and Saturday.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from me and Chhaya.

The view from two of my windows. I am at home, enjoying my life........ ♥

Eat & Read

It's so nice outside, full of fluffy snow. I took Chhaya out on a walk. She got a bed for downstairs today, she loves it. And a new toy to play with. My baby! She is so cute.

I am very happy because I have new books to occupy myself with for a while. The Hunger Games , so much better in book form than the movie. Although I did like the movie. And I even found traditional Swedish glögg and Julmust. Plus some toffee from Williams-Sonoma that I brought with me from New York. Very yummy!

I am going to eat and read. Hopefully I won't gain too much weight. I want to be able to fit in all my clothes after the holidays.

Merry Christmas!