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Heart Warming

Tatiana does not watch football. American football. She is not big on watching sports on tv - kind of boring, to her.
But she does know that a player, Kyle Williams, made some mistake recently during a game and many are now really upset with him.
Way over the top, too upset. Calm down people! It's just some football.
Well, he is human, just like you, so big deal. Tatiana feels bad for him.
And so do others......
Look what a very insightful and understanding 7 year old wrote to Kyle.

"Dear Mr. Williams:
We just watched the Playoff game. I feel really bad for you but I wanted to tell you that you had a great season. you sould be very proud,
so I wanted to say thank you.
I am your #1 FAN!
Owen Shure
Los Angeles, CA
p.s. your awsome"

Isn't that the cutest?! If a 7 year old can be this understanding, so can all of us. No excuses.


Tatiana's breakfast.....yogurt and granola again, with a spoonful of flax oil in the middle. Started with the oil today.
Fun night at work last night. Tatiana has to say that Lexi has a very pretty...........well, you know what....... AND a pretty face!

The daily report from Tatiana

Hi all my fans!
Here is a pic of me last night, getting drunk on coffee. Trying to look cute at the same time......There should be a latte machine at work!

Today I had a rather uneventful but busy day. Ran errands in the early afternoon, like paid my phone bill, went to the grocery store, the bank,
the post office to send off my Mom's birthday gift, got the mail from my PO BOX, got a coffee from Kaladi and some apple fritters
from The Moose Is Loose. Helped somebody stuck in a snowbank to get out. Went over to the pet food store to order a bag of dry food for Chhaya.
She gets Sundancer by Solid Gold btw. And other food too of course.
After all of that, I did a load of laundry and took Chhaya out for a walk.
The sun was nowhere to be seen today. Totally gray out. Chhaya had on her poncho. Super cute.
So far I had a good day and I feel very happy for no apparent reason. Life I suppose.

Now it is time for some rest and a little bit of reading.

Sunny Day

Another sunny day here in Kenai, Alaska. Even though it supposedly warmed did a little, the temperature says 11 degrees.....
I still think it feels too cold.
Took Chhaya for a walk in the sunshine, got cold, tomorrow I am planning on taking her for a longer walk but I have to bundle up better.
Chhaya wears little boots on her feet.
Finished new thing is yogurt with lots of granola.....I get stuck on eating the same thing over and over again for weeks, right
now it's Brown Cow should try it, very yummy.
Last night I was looking up tickets to that place I am going to next month for work. Not telling whereto yet.......keep on reading..... :-)
Flying from Alaska, especially if you have to fly into Anchorage first becomes very pricey.
The ticket, unless I can find a better deal will cost around $ 1300 plus bag fees. I am only going to bring one checked bag.
I have to cram everything I need in it, basically outfits for work, two pairs of rhinestone heels and a few clothing changes for
during the day, my Hello Kitty makeup bag, some toiletries and keep it under 50 lbs.
Basically my schedule will be work, sleep, eat, shower/shave/wash hair/get ready for work. That's it, for two weeks.
But last night I felt so discouraged, thinking about what my living expenses will add up to also.....probably something around $ 900. Plus food.
I kind of don't want to go anymore, it feels like a big hassle. But this is the chance you take going somewhere like this.
You invest a lot of time and money with no guarantee of the outcome. It could end up to be a disappointment.
But it has always worked out for me in the past and I hate the idea of giving up on something just because I feel momentarily
discouraged. But like I said, right now I am far from thrilled to leave my comforts and my Chhaya for two weeks of, what I view as now, hassle.
But in the end, I will most likely be happy that I went and it will be another experience and maybe something fun to blog about.
Besides that, I got myself a one week free gym pass, so I might go to the gym this afternoon for some cardio.
Next week I am going Anchorage to have the Green Peel done on my face. That includes some redness and peeling,
most likely I will stay at home until most of the effects from the peel are gone.
Tonight? Work.

At home

Spending the evening at home with Chhaya.
And you all know what I do when I spend too much time at home and when it starts getting late and I start getting bored. Time for a blog!
Thinking about how sometimes you get the wrong impression of a person before you get to know them.
And after spending some time with them and the ice breaks a little and you get to know them, you totally change your opinion and
actually start to like them.
Or you get to know somebody and after scratching the surface a little you decide that you do not like them after all, for various reasons.
Maybe a weird example but Sophia Vergara used to bug me so much every time I saw her on tv. Of course I don't know her personally but her personality
and over the top fiery, temperamental latin woman cliché just bothered me. I thought she tried too hard, appeared too fake and made too large, too animated
facial expressions and she reminded me of a babajaga (google, if you want to know what it means).
But now, she has grown on me - animated fiery persona and all. I kind of like her, for now. And I did not say that she is unattractive physically, she
reminds me of a wolfish Jessica Rabbit sexpot. With a touch of babajaga.

What else do I do when I am bored at home? Clean. I am thinking about mopping the floors in the kitchen and the bathroom now.
And call my Mom after that. Then sleep maybe. Work tomorrow night - probably. I feel too antsy to sit at home.
Oooops, TMZ and my Harvey is on, gotta go!

Year Of The Dragon

Not just another Monday is it is the Chinese New Year! Happy New Year!!! It is the year of the DRAGON, to be more precise the water dragon.
This year is expected to bring prosperity and transformational change. Maybe we are going towards a higher conciousness after all? That would be great.
Here are some old pics of me.....note the thinner eyebrows and the panties pulled up high on the waist. Mucho SEKSI!
That looks kind of funny now. The panties pulled up high like that accentuate the waist but does nothing else for the figure I think.
Nowadays I prefer to wear mine lower, I like that look better. In jeans too, I am not into the highwaisted jeans, I like them on the hips or just a
tad higher than that.
But that is how style goes, it always changes. Ask me in ten years, the pulled up panties might be the look again.

After this photo shoot the photograper, Dominic Petruzzi, that shot those pics of a topless former Miss California (Carrie Prejean),
told me to try out for Perfect 10 magazine.
You can only be in it if you don't have any cosmetic surgery (maybe a nose job would be ok). They want natural boobs only.
So I sent in some images. Got a call back to send in more pics......I did, got another call back, in the end everybody on the staff voted for me
to be in the magazine except one person, the owner (Norm) and he had the final say.
Shortly after, I did Playboy Sexy Girl Next Door, but Perfect 10 would had been waaaaay more fun to participate in.
Playboy has a similar magazine, it is called Playboy Natural Beauties. It's a special edition that comes out quarterly if I'm not mistaken.
I don't think the girls in that one are that great. Perfect 10 really did have some beauties in it. I am not sure but I don't think that
Perfect 10 comes out anymore.


Tatiana already has a green card, sorry.....she is not on the hunt for a husband to be able to stay here....but anyways, as a green card holder she can do most
things that a US citizen can, except vote.
And she can't run for president either (not born here), otherwise she would, looking at some of the dumb asses out there campaigning and talking crap.
Did you know that Michele Bachmann's husband, Marcus Bachmann runs some kind of a Christian counseling clinic where they "pray the gay away"?
Just based on that fact, Tatiana thinks that Michele Bachmann is an idiot and the same goes for her husband.
Any overly religious person, trying to push their religious views onto others should not even be considered to run for president.
A "leader" should be open minded and intelligent. Pray the gay away? What kind of crap is that? Really?
One of Tatiana's best friends is gay. His life would had been so much easier if he would had been straight, (becaue of society and people like Marcus Bachmann)
the gay thing is not a choice. It's who you are. It doesn't make you a bad person. On the contrary, Tatiana is SOOOOO happy that there are gay people
out there, making this world a brighter place. Like Carson Kressley for example. And Ellen.
The first time Tatiana set her foot in a gay club, she was 16 and going out in Sweden, clubbing every weekend. That first time at the gay club was so much
fun and often it is way better to go to gay clubs than regular clubs. Tatiana doesn't get harassed by love sick straight guys and the music is often better.
There are plenty of examples out there of heterosexual couples, having train wreck marriages,
then they spawn and have no clue what being a parent is all about.
Actually, looking at the views of (most) Republicans.....they are too conservative for Tatiana. No shit!
Tatiana is for gay marriage, pro choice, she thinks that it is high time for marijuana to be legalized.
And believe it or not, Tatiana does not smoke weed (she tried, it makes her nauseous). Yes, you CAN be a stripper and not smoke weed,
do other drugs and get drunk a couple of times a week. Like "normal" chicks don't do all of the above, all the time?
Maybe Tatiana should open her own counseling clinic, Sober Strippers?
Actually Tatiana thinks that all drugs should be legalized, the money spent on the "war on drugs" could be spent on other, useful things.
Like affordable health care for people. It is insane to pay for health insurance each month on top of taxes.
The taxes should cover health care, so you do not have to worry over a bill for your hospital visit that will ruin you financially forever.
It's not like people want to go to the hospital or get sick just for fun.......but shit happens.
And speaking of drugs......has Tatiana done drugs, illegal drugs that is......? YES! And it was great, she loved every minute of it and she has no regrets.
Can she sit next to a pile of cocaine or some pills of E without indulging? Of course. It's a choice.
And most likely Tatiana will enjoy various substances in the future. But on an every day basis? Or at work ever? No.
She doesn't even smoke and very rarely drinks.
So even if some Republicans might have some imaginary solutions for this country's many problems and also the problems of the world......
Tatiana thinks that they are way too conservative, narrow minded and blind. The world is constantly changing and evolving,
people need to be grounded, open minded and willing to change with the times.

Lexi & Tatiana

Tatiana is spending this Sunday evening at home. She spent her day doing some errands, like grocery shopping, looking for new shoes for the gym,
cleaning, laundry etc.
Chhaya is shedding, so she got her second thorough brushing of the week.
This is Lexi, next to Tatiana. Lexi works with Tatiana, she is very pretty and very nice.
The pic was taken about a week ago. Tatiana will take more pics soon and put some up here. YOU NEED!? Right???


Pic from last night. Tatiana had a long cuddle session with Booger on the couch.
He is the cutest little thing.

Polish Beauty

Sometimes when people ask Tatiana where she is from (the never ending question)......and she says that she was born
in Poland, the response is "no way, I thought all the girls in Poland (and other Eastern European) countries are ugly, fat....etc."
Hmmmmm.......Tatiana is not sure where this misunderstanding stems from?
Actually last time Tatiana visited Poland, she was amazed by how very pretty the girls were. Really nice bodies and faces.
It would be like saying that all American girls are ugly and obese, since more and more people here in the US are becoming obese.
Tatiana thinks that there are pretty girls everywhere. From every nationality.
But she recently came across this Polish beauty. Jessica Rafalowski. Born here but Polish parents.
She speaks fluent Polish, loves food, especially pierogis. She is shapely with natural boobs, an insanely bangin' butt and a pretty face.
The whole package. Tatiana wants to share a plate of pierogis and kabonosy with Jessica. Squeeze that butt too.

Here is something that bugs Tatiana. When girls are so insecure in themselves that they can never compliment another girl.
That just screams insecurity, jealousy, low self esteem and total lameness.
Tatiana loves girls, though.....she prefers boys (men) in THAT way, though she is not opposed to girls either.
Like Rihanna for example.......
Who doesn't like to watch beautiful girls now and then?
Beside lame insecure bitchy girls that is.
Tatiana recently read another girls blog, though very good and entertaining to read, this person spews insults and
aversion towards all other women.
Sure, Tatiana doesn't think everything with a VAGINE that hasn't hit menopause yet is SEKSI either.
She has her opinions on what she thinks is pretty or not and who should be able to work in a strip club, please no great grandma's.......
even though they can wobble around in some outdated sandals and a sequin bikini. Toothless women also.
Visit the dentist first please. BO? Take a shower and use some deodorant.
But hello, to think no girls are pretty, ever? Laaaaame!