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Tatiana's ring

Kim Kardashian and her 20.5 carat ring can go and hide somewhere in shame and bring her Neanderthal looking husband with her. Tacky.
Check out Tatiana's ring, it's like 30 carats. Now that's some serious bling bitches! You didn't think that Tatiana was going to get anything less than that did you?
Who gave this serious bauble to her? Is is Chester perhaps? Or did Ellen decide to propose? Putin? Or did a Ford truck driving boy in Alaska snatch Tatiana up?
The suspense is building.
Tatiana is very happy, she sits around and gazes at her 30 carat ring all day long, even more than she is looking at herself in the mirror, if you can believe that.
All the girls are jealous. Even more than ever.
Or did Tatiana find this ring in some store at the mall in Vegas?
Ponder that for a while.
Tatiana and her 30 carat friend are off to get a latte. The day will be spent in narcissistic bliss. Just like every day in Tatiana's perfect life.......

About to......

.......get in the shower and then go to work. Planning on stopping for an extra hot spicy chai on the way to work.
Just got back from the run. It rained and was pretty windy. But Tatiana is a stubborn Polish Capricorn, she just had to do it to prove to herself that she could and it just feels so good afterwards. Running again tomorrow. Chhaya got a walk and enjoyed sitting in the car while Tatiana ran.
Byeeeee for now!

Your maid Tatiana checking in!

It's been 5 hours since Tatiana woke up and it is still raining. Hard. Tatiana really wanted to go for her run today, she might go, but she needs to wear some rain gear. Chhaya does not like running in the rain, she makes face expressions that show how unhappy she is. Funny.
Tatiana got some cleaning done today. Mopping. Tatiana mops old school, forget the Swiffer or whatever it's called. Nothing gets a floor cleaner than a bucket with hot water, some cleaning solution, some rags and on your knees cleaning. That's real cleaning.
Then she vacuumed all over and cleaned the bathroom. Dusted.
How do you get motivated to clean when you really don't want to? Just think that it will still be just as messy tomorrow and even harder to get motivated then, just do it today and get it over with.
Besides, it feels nice to have a clean home.

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This is what Tatiana thinks

Tatiana woke up to some serious fall weather rain. It looks pretty murky out there and windy. NOT bikini weather. Those bikini pics from the other week might have been the last ones for a while. Yes, Tatiana knows that this is probably difficult news for you to deal with. But don't be too distressed, she might find ways to wear next to nothing, take pics of it and put it up here, somehow.........
Chhaya is refusing to get out of bed, she is fully enjoying sleeping, stretched out under the comforter. She is such a little piggy.

Anyhow. Tatiana was not going to even mention Casey Anthony in her blog because.......well, she just didn't want to bother.
But now there is talk locally about this woman from Anchorage that went on the Dr. Phil show to get help with her "Angry Mom" issues. In a video first aired on Dr. Phil she is seen disciplining her adopted boy by pouring hot sauce in his mouth and putting him in a cold shower.
So Tatiana is wondering, how is this not just as bad as Casey Anthony? Tatiana thinks it is.
Parents that beat, abuse, offer cruel punishment on a regular or day to day basis are in Tatiana's eyes just as bad. Imagine if somebody treated YOU like that every day? Yelling? Hot sauce? Slapping? Pulling? Forced cold showers? What is that all about? It is torture, that's what it is. Fun to live like that huh?
Casey Anthony's baby is dead, how that baby died, what exactly happened, we can only speculate about. Maybe she didn't kill it, Tatiana doesn't know.
It is just another case of a person having a child that had no business having one in the first place. Many people out there should not have kids. Because they have no clue on how to properly care for them. But some Moms out there make it their career to have a bunch of kids, because then they can just sit back and collect money for them. Being a good Mom is not their priority. The money is.
This person, "Angry Mom", in Anchorage has 6 kids. That is probably 6 too many. And she is married to a police officer supposedly. He admits to using military disciplinary techniques on the kids. Say whaaaaaat? Remove all the kids from that home is Tatiana's solution.
Who knows how they treat the other kids behind closed doors? Tatiana does not think that the hot sauce and the cold shower were one time incidents.
And what about all the Moms out there that bring home a new boyfriend and look the other way when he molests her child or children? But she just looks the other way because it is more important to have a man. What about those Moms? Just as bad as Casey Anthony.
Yea, having 6 kids at home is a full time job. It is not a job for everyone. On top of it, this boy she "parented" by pouring hot sauce in his mouth, she adopted from Russia. How embarrassing. Now this kid has to live with being shown all over tv, he is old enough to know what's going on. He is 7.
This "Angry Mom" is plain disgusting. Tatiana would like to pour a bottle of Habanero sauce into her ugly mouth and squeeze it shut and watch her squirm.
This dumb bitch is in Tatiana's eyes just as bad as Casey Anthony.
People that abuse their kids should not have them.
That is what Tatiana thinks.

What's wrong with this picture!!?

So at Charlies (Good Time Charlies that is) there is a waitress, Theresa. She is SUPER funny! One evening Tatiana was sitting at a table, chatting, being her usual witty self, you know. The people at the table ordered a round of beverages and Theresa was the waitress. When she counted the money for the drinks she noticed that there was no tip for her and Theresa is a hustler and demands her tip. So she yelled loudly "What's wrong with this picture!!?", while holding up the money, waving it around.
Theresa is of Asian descent, Tatiana thinks Filipina. But this is not a quiet, demure Asian lady. She is loud and demanding. If she was YOUR wife, she would definitely be the boss and you would be scared of her. Also Theresa has an accent.
So when she yelled "What's wrong with this picture!!?" she did it with her (heavy) accent. The guys looked bewildered and forked up some more money.
Tatiana though that was REALLY funny. So now, when she is not happy with the amount of money laying around on stage, she stares at people and yells "What's wrong with this picture!!?". And if Theresa is close by she will join in and start yelling too. It's so funny!!
In the beginning, Tatiana did not like Theresa. And vice versa. She though Theresa was rude and loud. It took some time to get used to her and get to know her better but now Tatiana thinks that Theresa is really nice and soooo funny, always in a good mood. They totally get along now.
Lesson learned? The first, even second and sometimes third impression is not always right. Sometimes you have to give a person more time.
And Tatiana met people that seemed really nice and put together in the beginning, just to find out that they were total messes and assholes in the end.

YOU NEED a hat with Theresa on it!!! Or a t shirt.
Buy it here theresa

Good Morning Monday!

Not even 8 am and Tatiana is up feeling motivated and full of energy. GOOD MORNING to all my fans!!!
Back from a lovely stay in Homer. Looks like a pretty day outside.
The plan for today? Read. Eat. Call Mom. Out with Chhaya. Clean up a little around the house. Put a deep conditioning treatment in my hair. Probably work later.
There is a store in Homer called Blackbeary Bog, it's like the cutest store ever. Tatiana got a pair of brass mermaids, bookends. Super cute. And guess what? Tatiana haggled! Basically she said, "I'll get the mermaids if you sell them to me for $ 100 total." And it worked!
Read another book over the weekend, "How to Be an American Housewife" by Margaret Dilloway. Noooo, it's not a tutorial, lol, it's a novel. Really good.
Ok then........Tatiana is going to pour herself another cup of coffee. Talk to you later!


Tatiana noticed that the pics in her blog, when there are three or more pics, appear scrambled when she looked at her blog on a Sony Vaio computer. Of course that is not her intention. But when she looks at the blog on a MAC (Tatiana's laptop) or a Dell, the pics show up normal. Weird. Wonder why it's like that?

Last night Tatiana ended up watching like three episodes of "Toddlers & Tiaras", to sum it up with one word, DISTURBING.
That whole child/toddler/baby pageant thing should be outlawed. The kids don't learn anything useful besides a bunch of bullshit. They act like annoying whiny brats. And the parents act even worse. FREAKY.

Anyways. Tatiana is just taking a little rest before heading out again. Going to decide where dinner will be tonight. Last night it was at Fat Olives. Very yummy.


Tatiana is in Homer now. What a scenic beautiful drive there is between Kasilof and Homer. It's way more green and lush, more flowers and colors here in this area than in Kenai/Soldotna. This is beautiful Alaska. Big time WOW factor.
Tatiana is going to relax and eat really good food every day that she is here.
No smokey club, no loud drunks......instead fresh air, nice and quiet. Bliss.

Here is a pic of Alaska and the red dot is where Homer is.