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Time for bed

Since Tatiana was up so early this morning she is already super tired and ready for bed and it's not even that late yet. Only Midnight.
But Tatiana is going to listen to her body and go to sleep but first she is going to drink an iced tea. And maybe read a little.
Today was great, Tatiana got lots done and her mood was very happy.
Good Night!

Tatiana is taken

Tatiana has a new boyfriend and he wants Tatiana all to himself.
He is very cute, loves giving kisses and cuddling. His name is Booger.
Tatiana met him at work, it was love at first sight.
The other night when Tatiana was on stage to S&M by Rihanna, Booger decided to make their relationship official. He walked up behind some guys that were entranced by Tatiana (of course) and lifted his leg and peed on their jackets. He basically marked his territory. Tatiana thought it was sweet, no one has ever done that to express their love for her before. You should try it, it might work for you too!
Tatiana cuddled with him all night after that. But she also told him that he has to curb his jealousy. Dating a dancer and being jealous does not work. Booger totally understands. Besides, he is dating all the other girls in the club too. As long as Tatiana is his number one girl, she is content.

Morgonstund har guld i mun!

That's a Swedish proverb. If you want to know what that means.......then Google it!
It's 8 10 AM, Tatiana is on the couch with a cup of coffee and the Today Show on in the background......Tatiana likes the morning shows.
It looks like there will be rain all week. YEAY! Great summer weather here in Alaska. At least all the trees are green and lush.
Chhaya is still sleeping.

Tatiana makes people feel good!

Not only is Tatiana nice, funny and a great conversationalist, she ALSO makes people feel better.
There are studies that prove that hugs are good for you, after a hug your body has increased levels of oxytocin and that affects your health in positive ways.
Tatiana always gives hugs. No, not some lingering, pervy, slimy hugs (Tatiana does not like those, yuck). Like a good ole' hug.
It's nice to make people feel better.
Have a great day and here's a hug for you!


I like.......

I really like this shower creme. It smells soooooo good!

And I do no like it when people stink like bad BO in public. Especially at my place of work. YUCK !!!
I will not sit next to a stinky person and chit chat, I will not subject myself to torture like that.
My Mom always said that soap is cheap and if you have hot water coming out of the faucet then there is no excuse not to keep yourself clean.
It is one thing if you are out hiking or camping, but if you decide to go to a club, post office, restaurant etc. reeking of BO then you are just nasty.
Keep the stink to yourself. There is no need for cologne or perfume, just be clean.
A couple of summers ago I worked with a girl at The Bush that had really bad BO. And I was not the only one that noticed. Other girls could smell her and guys too. She had no problem spackling on make up, she favored lots of glitter on the eye lids, and keeping her hair ok looking but she sure did not know how to shower. It was bad. There were some complaints made to management and the girl finally, it took a while though, got the hint.
If I managed a club, personal hygiene would be a must. And if a patron came into my club smelling like dirty armpit/ass, I would tell him to leave and come back only after taking a long hot bath and investing on some deodorant.

Of course it's ok to be as dirty and stinky as you want in your house. Tatiana does not always smell like vanilla and JUICY perfume (yes she does). She is not washing, shaving etc. all the time, that would be too much. She can also excuse temporary stinkiness if somebody is going through some kind of trauma. But if you can get up each morning, put on clothes and make up, or whatever, then there are no excuses for BO.


Tatiana had a pedicure last week. She went to a place she never been to before, a lazy, not focused, chunky girl did Tatiana's pedicure. Very haphazardly. She was no good. Tatiana will not spend $$$ on a pedicure from that girl again. There was a guy giving a pedicure right next to Tatiana, he seemed ok, so Tatiana is going to request him next time and see what he has to offer.
The price for a pedicure varies depending on where you go. Tatiana wants a GOOD pedicure, not some sloppy one. She had one of her worst ever at Allure Day Spa in Anchorage, supposedly voted one of "the best spas". HUH? Tatiana does not know who voted but that place sucks! The pedicure was awful, the girl that "performed" it was totally clueless. Then they have the nerve to charge $ 85 for it. AND expect a tip! Tatiana also had a massage and two facials there, no good either.
Allure Day Spa gets Tatiana's vote to be one of the WORST places she has been to. Seriously. Tatiana loves facials, massages, pedicures and she knows when they are done well. The connoisseur that she is.
Anyhow, back to the pedicure from last week.
First Tatiana picks a color, she prefers to bring her own, so she picks from what she has at home.....

Here is a pic from the pedicure place, the toes are separated, painted and drying.......

And the result. Some lady complimented Tatiana's nail beds, Tatiana got that once before, a nail bed compliment, wow.....!
The color, pink, Tatiana LOVES pink.
Not bad for some crusty, old dancer feet huh?


The remedy for a rainy day?
Yummy coffee and Tatiana's blog!


Places Tatiana wants to go/do

Zion, Utah for a hike called "The Narrows".
The bottom of The Grand Canyon, Arizona
Havasupai Falls Grand Canyon.
Machu Picchu, Peru.
Portillo ski resort, Chile. And Chile in general.
Various countries in Africa. Participate in an Iboga ceremony is something Tatiana wants to do. Meet Maasai people.
Burning Man, Nevada.
The Great Wall, China.
More raves.
And visit, see and experience hot springs, water falls, mountains, hikes, forests, deserts, oceans etc. ALL over.
The World is an amazing place!

Kenai sunset

Tatiana's far.....

Tatiana slept until 1 up and managed to tan (totally nekkid of course, who wants tan lines?) outside for about 30 minutes before the sun decided to hide behind a large mass of clouds and the wind picked up.
Then it was time to walk around Arc Lake, but Tatiana and Chhaya call it Eagi Lake because there are a ton of eagles hanging out there. Really. If you are into bird watching, that is the place to be. Lots of fish jumping in that lake too. Chhaya loves that place.
Tatiana is also trying to talk Chhaya into adopting a boy pitbull. That would be soooooo cute, Chhaya could have a friend and a boyfriend! But Tatiana senses that Chhaya is not totally sold on the idea, Chhaya is a very territorial young lady. But Tatiana would love to add another pit to the family, like a two year old boy, he could keep Chhaya company and play tug with her, that would be good.
Then Tatiana felt hungry, so she went and got food. Today's meal consisted of a sandwich, rhubarb pie and an iced vanilla latte with whipped cream.
Lately Tatiana has been craving some new books to read, it's been only gossip and fashion mags lately. Tatiana should fill you in on the latest gossip and what she thinks about it. But Tatiana found some books that she is going to read. Not much beats the company of a good book.
"Princess" by Jean Sasson. It's a true story about a princess in Saudi Arabia. Tatiana loves reading about people in other places, interesting.
The other book is "The Harvard Psychedelic Club" by Don Lattin. The title speaks for itself. Tatiana loves to soak up all kinds of knowledge on this subject, psychedelics. Books make Tatiana happy.
Later on Tatiana is going to wash her hair and get ready for work. It is time for a trim, Tatiana hair is getting to be really long. Last time she had a cut, the girl that cut her hair took off 3 inches, this time Tatiana is trimming no more than 1 inch.
Tatiana often gets asked if she ever cuts her hair or if she always had long hair. Yes, she usually gets two, sometimes three hair cuts a year. Not much though. She does not take off more than 2 inches, she thought 3 inches was too much, she felt weird after she cut that much. And no, Tatiana has not always had long hair. But for a while now. In Sweden it was kind of short at some point, then longer but far from as long as now. When Tatiana came to the US and lived in sunny California, she noticed that her hair started growing really fast and she just suddenly ended up with long hair, she likes it and she is keeping it for now.
Tatiana watched "Ellen" today. Ellen is still in the top of Tatiana's girl crush list, she is SO cute and funny! What the heck should get rid of Portia and start dating Tatiana. More fun! Install a stripper pole in your house and let Tatiana show you some real moves.
Another current girl crush is Rihanna. She is YUMMY. Face and body. Tatiana would totally date her.

Eagi Lake