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How Gay Are You?

Or are you 100 % straight? Or 100 % gay? Tatiana doesn't care, as long as you are nice and read her blog!
Read about the Kinsey scale here....

Curious about Tatianas results? Well, she took the "easy version" of the test and this is the result.
NEUTRAL. You are a Kinsey 3!
A 3 or 4 is a person who is relatively neutral to the possibility of gay sex. If you prefer straight but would try (or fantasize about) gay, then you;'re a 3. If you prefer gay, but would try or fantasize about straight, then you're a 4.

Ok.....that sounds about right. Simplified, but about right.

I love my Mom!

So my Mom lives in Sweden, that's really far away and I don't see her often. She is a great Mom. I miss her.
And I am a Mom, I have Chhaya. She is the best.
Here are some pics of my Mom (and me) and my baby Chhaya. Look at that face, the cutest!!!

Also, to my friend Rose-Marie in Sweden......Grattis på Mors Dag, du är bäst, saknar dig!! ~ LOVE ~


No pastries or bread for Tatiana for two whole days! Her ass is too fat.


......that's how Tatiana is feeling today. She did have a great late lunch at the Tap Root Cafe this afternoon, super yummy actually, might become the new favorite foodplace for Tatiana now.
But besides that, she has a lingering headache, feels tired and in need of an overall body alignment. Sorry, no Tatiana at The Bush tonight, she is resting......

Tatianas new job

Tatiana got herself a tractor and is now working as a farmer. That is what she did when she lived in Europe, she was growing potatoes and garlic. So if you need anything plowed, you can hire Tatiana.
Dancing got too boring, Tatiana needed new excitement in her life, the tractor was the answer.

You need a book with Tatiana in it? You do! YOU NEED!
Her photographer friend, WOLF189, has a book out called "".
You can find the book here
Tatiana has four pictures in the book. She is just being happy, jumping around on her bed.

WOLF189 is a very talented photographer with many projects going on, hopefully Tatiana will work with him again.
Here is a self portrait photo of Tatiana posing with the book and the pictures. Enjoy!