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Laundry and tanning

The weather is perfect again. Tatiana is doing laundry and tanning in the backyard. She is kind of tired and lazy. Her company consists of Chhaya, the latest issue of Adbusters and a vanilla latte. Chhaya is going to get a good brushing today.
Work later tonight. You need Tatiana so you come in to The Bush and say HI!
Life is great.

Whitewater river rafting

Today Tatiana went whitewater river rafting at 6 Mile Creek by Hope.
Was it fun? You bet it was! And scary, kind of. Tatiana wants to go again, at least once more.
The water was freezing, you have to wear a dry suit, a life jacket and a helmet, all of which will be provided for you.
Actually Tatiana got lucky and didn't fall out of the raft, apparently this is very common, it's level 4 and 5 rafting after all. Some of the rapids have names, "Suckhole" and "Jaws" to name a few. The guide said that if you fall in the water at "Suckhole" you should just go with the flow and let the water spit you out of the hole. At the last stretch everybody got out of the raft and floated down the river.
The scenery is gorgeous, you float down the river with untouched greenery around you.
Tatiana is super happy she did this.
You should do it too!

Look how happy Tatiana and Ireland are! Yeay!

Boy crushes

Tatiana has boy crushes too, not only girl crushes. Tatiana is still stuck in the teenage years in many ways, she is barely out of her teens anyways and she wants to stay young forever, so don't expect her to blog about breast pumps and diaper changing here, unless she is making fun of it.
So right now Tatiana has a HUGE crush on "London" from" Daisy Of Love", the show on VH1 she has been watching religiously. His real name is Joshua Lee and he is super crazy incredibly sexy and hot. Tatiana wants him for breakfast, dinner and dessert and everything in between. Tatiana needs!!!
Since years now Tatiana has had a crush on Keoki, an awesome dj and also her friend. He is so good looking it hurts. He won't have Tatiana because he plays for the other team........Tatiana is more than happy to be just friends with him. But he is soooooooo hot.
A while back Tatiana was convinced that Keith Flint from The Prodigy was the man in her life. She had pictures of him everywhere. It all happened after a Prodigy concert at Coachella. Tatiana was lost in Keith. She actually went to London (the city, not her latest crush) for some adventures and got to know, not Keith, but another Prodigy guy. Shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone!
Other crushes to mention, Robert Pattinson (plays in the Twilight Saga). Tatiana can't wait for the new movie, she will melt in the theater while squealing.
Sacha Baron Cohen that plays Borat and now Brüno. He is tall, dark, handsome, intelligent and funny! Funny is important, Tatiana loves funny, especially Borat and Brüno funny. HIGH FIVE! VAGINE!
Tatiana also has a thing for Vladimir Putin, Not many understand this but he looks evil and sexy. Tatiana likes.
And of course Johnny Depp, like tons of women would agree with, he is just so everything.
Seth Green is also super cute. And Jonathan Rhys Meyers is so gorgeous. Adam Lambert is hot, Tatiana has a thing for guys with eye liner.......And then she also really likes Maksim Chmerkovskiy, he needs to dump his Russian fiancee and get with a Polish girl, they are much better!
Brad Pitt? Not so much. Tatiana doesn't see the hotness here. She would rather have his leading lady Angelina, she is much more interesting.
Hmmmm, who else does Tatiana have a crush on? Probably you. Tatiana can get new crushes every week, just like a typical normal teenage girl. And she can go on and on for hours to her friends about this, they have to suffer while listening to Tatiana yap about her crushes. Poor friends.
Here are Tatianas crushes, London, Keoki and Keith.