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People disgust me

So by now you probably know that Tatiana loves animals?
Here are some recent events that just confirmed even more for Tatiana that many human beings are just plain disgusting.

A recent dog fighting ring discovered and more than 400 dogs seized. Police say that members of the dog fighting ring would routinely destroy injured dogs by shooting them in the head, throwing the dogs in the river or burning them in a barrel.
WHY? What's the point of this kind of activity anyways? Is it fun? Entertaining?
Tatianas solution to dealing with the people involved with this? PUBLIC EXECUTION. And no, she is not joking. People like these are just disgusting and have no function in society. Would you like one of them as a friend or neighbor? Just shoot them already. Maybe then others will think twice before subjecting innocent dogs to activities like this.

The recent running with the bulls in Spain. At least five injured and one dead due to injuries caused by the bulls. After scaring the bulls and angering them the bulls face an almost certain death. This is just plain animal cruelty! Tatiana doesn't even understand why this can continue to go on? So what that it's some kind of a tradition? There are many sk old traditions that we no longer deal with because it's 2009 and the world is evolving. Or at least you would hope it's evolving? Does Tatiana feels sorry for the dumb asses injured or killed during an event like this? Of course not! She feels sorry for the bulls that have to deal with these sorry excuses for humans.