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The American Dream?

So a couple of years ago I made the huge mistake, I now know that, and bought a condo in Las Vegas. Bad, bad idea......! The condo is now worth substantially less than what I bought it for, I now have what they call "an upside down loan". I even have an ARM! Yeay, I am so lucky.
It will take forever for the condo to appreciate so I can sell it for what I bought it for, meaning no profit at all. I just want to get rid of it, it is a headache, a brick around my neck.
When I got it I knew several people that had bought a house or a condo and were then sitting back, watching their property appreciate. So I thought I would "be smart" and stop "throwing away money by renting". HA! I sooooooo wish I was renting and saving all the money I feel I am throwing away on this stupid deal.
I also dealt with a shady lender, this too I figured out afterwards, introduced to my little condo buying deal by my real estate agent that I thought was looking out for my best interest. This is called "predatory lending" I now know. It is funny how you learn things afterwards. And it is also funny that there are so many dishonest people/creeps out there, just conducting their business.
This whole homeownership deal that they call "The American Dream" became my "American Nightmare".
So what now? Foreclosure.....? What do you think? Any advice? Tatiana NEEDS your assistance!

BTW do you need to be reminded that YOU NEED TATIANA?!!

Saw JUNO last night

So I watched JUNO on SnowSnow (my new MacBook) last night. I read Diablo Codys book, Candy Girl, A Year In The Life Of An Unlikely Stripper a while back. But it has taken me longer to see JUNO, though it's been out a while now, I know, I know......
So, I think JUNO was a really good movie, the acting excellent and a good storyline, interesting music too. I think it is a great movie for teenagers and parents.
Regarding Diablo Cody, she is definitely doing many things right, I admire her so far. Candy Girl was ok, entertaining, I am sure I can come out with something just as good. The difference is that Diablo did it, I am still only in the thinking stages of making it happen.
So, I recommend that you watch JUNO too, and read Candy Girl if you want some insight in the life of a dancer......until you will be able to read Tatiana's novel that is........!

Hugs, Tatiana

I have a laptop now!

Christmas came early this year! I am a very happy owner of a MacBook laptop! It is supercute and I named it SnowSnow.
Yeay! I have a laptop now!

~ T ~

Bad razorburn

Tatiana thought that you all need to know that she is experiencing a bad razorburn. Down there. You know, around THE VAGINE. It is very nice! HIGH FIVE!

Lazy Sunday

After relaxing at home last night Tatiana was totally in the mood for another day of......relaxation......BUT duty called and she has to show up at The Bush today at 7 pm. The girls are on a strict schedule here, kind of like doctors in the emergency room.
And YOU know that a lap dance from Tatiana is good for your health!
But before going in for her nurse/man entertaining duties, Tatiana went out and got all the latest gossip magz and the latest Playboy. This was to be enjoyed with an iced, venti, two shot, vanilla latte with whip and a 6' veggie from Subway.
Playboy had a spread of the girls from Crazy Horse at The MGM in Las Vegas, a show Tatiana has seen several times. Interesting......


Three nights a week some girls that work at The Bush put on shows. The show usually includes a costume of some sort, sexy firefighter, schoolgirl, goddess, angel, jockey etc and the whole thing is more thought out and elaborate than the usual two songs on stage. The shows have been surprisingly good, the girls are really fun to watch. Tatianas favorite is Daisy. She is a pretty blonde with a great, natural body and she moves really well. Tatiana had a dance from her last week, it was grrrrrrreeeeeaaaaat!!!
Well, yesterday Tatiana watched a really bad show, a freakshow actually. No names mentioned. But this older, in Tatianas opinion, over the hill "dancer" - sorry to say, put on something that was disturbing to watch. During her show she was joined by another over the hill dancer and they drunkenly staggered around and crawled around on stage while squirting lotion on each other from a bottle, desperately trying to look sexy. It was BAD. Tatiana was so embarrassed on their behalf. This performance made Tatiana cringe. Nigtmare inducing for sure.
Somebody needs to retire this lady from her shows. Her old 80's implants are bad and her face not that great either, to put it gently. She might be a wonderful person but that's not the subject here.
Tatiana recalls seeing similar shows at Flashdancers in New York. The club would have "feature" dancers come in a do some kind of a show. Most of these features were older ladies with overly bleached yellow hair and monstrous implants. They would cheerily skip around on stage and look crazy. What if this will be Tatiana one day? OH NO!!! Hopefully she will learn a trade soon, like housewife-ing and retire from dancing before it is too late and she will be the freakshow in the club.

Enjoying Elena

Last night right after Tatiana got off the stage after her super hot (lol), performance, there was a guy that asked her if she could come over to his table and dance for his wife. Ok, Tatiana said, lead me to your lovely wife. Turns out that the wife was a really pretty, young, Russian girl named Elena. She was petite with a very pretty face and dressed well, she had on some super sexy black leather booties with straps that Tatiana admired.
After chatting for about ten minutes Tatiana danced for Elena. This was not Tatiana's first time dancing for a woman, far from, but this was by far the prettiest girl Tatiana has danced for. Not counting dances Tatiana made and received from certain fellow dancers. But that will be a chapter in Tatiana's upcoming novel/autobiography.
Back to Elena......Elena was very much into the dance, she pressed her whole body up against Tatiana. The husband stayed turned away during the whole dance.
Later Tatiana found out that they were married for five years. It seemed like Elena would much rather be with Tatiana than him. He didn't give a fun impression. Too bad the dance had to end but it was also a good thing because if not, chances are that there would had been a steamy make out session between the two girls. Tatiana noticed that Elena was looking at her a lot for the remainder of the evening. Tatiana would had probably went home with Elena, SANS the husband, but since he was included this was not happening.
Oh, who says it's no fun being a dancer......