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Monster Massive!!

Monster Massive is one of our absolute favorite
events of the year! It's a party held at the Sports
Arena in Los Angeles every Halloween. People are
dressed up and the music is just awesome. The vibe
is great and we love it!

We decided to wear very cute pajamas again this year,
so the week prior to the party was spent hunting for
the perfect outfits. Something cute, pink, and Hello
Kitty. It's a lot harder than it seems.

The night was fantastic and went by way too fast.
We met many fun people, and even partied with
Elaine!! When it was over we felt very sad. Why did it
have to end? We wished we could have stayed in
Monster Massive reality for a month or so. Luckily, we
took many pictures so we would remember the fun.

The next day we went shopping at Fashion Island in
Newport Beach. This was where we discovered Da Nang
clothing. So DA NANG, ok??!!

(Written by Tatiana & Julia).