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Sex Trafficking At Strip Club

Grrrrrrr.......this makes me mad! The article talks about a strip club in Oregon that was under investigation for sex trafficking involving two underage girls, only 13 years old. Two men are arrested, one of them the manager of a strip club. Read the article for more details (click on the highlighted "this" above).
The club issued a statement, "We are aware of the recent assertions connecting Stars Cabaret with alleged prostitution. We categorically deny any suggestions that any entertainer is engaged in such activity or that management somehow endorsed or condones the same. Stars ownership takes the threat of such illegal activity seriously and has, over the years, taken measures to prevent such conduct." that why a 13 year old girl was allowed to work there? Yes, I know that young girls nowadays can look older than they really are but COME ON! I know that this is a fresh case and has not went to court as of yet but according to a few online articles I have read about this, the club was under investigation for a while, so I guess the FBI and the police must have had some kind of proof there were illegal activities going on. Actually, I told a friend about this case and she told me that a friend of hers that lives in Portland heard that Stars Cabaret had 16 year old girls working there. Now this is just hearsay but still.....where there is smoke there is fire.
Trafficking is awful. Forcing young girls to prostitution is awful. That statement issued by the club is just BULLSHIT. That is something club owners ALWAYS say to protect their own ass when they get in trouble for illegal activities going on in their club. The club owner/managers are very much aware of the illegal sex stuff that goes on, in too many clubs. But they don't do anything about it because they are GREEDY. I have seen a lot of bad stuff. It makes me sad, frustrated, tired, angry. After I brought this issue up to management at Sapphire in Las Vegas they switched my schedule on me, just like that. As a form of punishment. Fucking assholes.
I quit. Unfortunately there is a lot of nasty stuff that goes on is strip clubs, or "extras" as it is called. The clubs in Houston Texas are notorious for this. I hear you can basically get a BJ for
$ 20. It does not surprise me, I remember a girl at Sapphire, she would walk around offering hand jobs for $ 20. The thing is this, a strip club is not supposed to be a brothel. Upon getting hired you usually sign some sort of contract where you agree to follow the rules of the club. And the rules adhere to the law. No prostitution. But ironically enough, once you start working you might notice all kinds of nasty stuff that goes on. At least I notice it, because I'm a clean dancer so obviously the nasty stuff that goes on really bothers me. Does that affect my money? Of course it does! A lot of guys come in looking for extras only. The girls that do that stuff will let the guys know one way or another......and then they disappear into the VIP room. That explains why some girls make money basically every night, no matter what. It's not because they are more beautiful or better, more enthusiastic dancers that the rest of the girls (in general), it is because of what they do. And that is a fact. I see it go on all the time. I have good and bad nights. I'm not a hustler in the aggressive sense but I do make rounds asking for dances. But I definitely do not offer any extras, ever. Sex to me, is something private that I share with one person. Yes, I am a dancer and I show my body but I am OK with that, I don't have any issues or hangups with that. If I was OK with having sex with people for money I would had maybe worked in a brothel, but I'm not. So it really makes me upset when I see the rules get broken on a regular basis. And from experience I know that complaining doesn't do any good. If anything I get looked at as a "trouble maker." But I still complain.
I wish more clubs would get investigated so shit like this stops and that only clean dancers can work. It would make things so much better I think. I personally have not been aware of sex trafficking at any club I have worked at. But you never know. And while I'm sharing some of my thoughts on this subject.....I don't agree with 18 year old girls being allowed to work in strip clubs either, even though no alcohol is allowed. According to recent findings, the human brain does not reach full maturity until at least the mid-20s. If you really want to do this (strip) then you should wait until you are 21. I don't think an 18 year old is mature enough to make smart and educated decisions, even though there are plenty of smart and mature 18 year old girls out there. But not all of the smart and mature ones end up dancing. And another thing, girls with obvious drug problems should not be allowed to dance either. A strip club should not function like some sort of a halfway house or church where the broken and wounded can go and hang out and make money. It looks really bad when a girl with an obvious drug issue is working. It looks scary and gives a bad impression of the club, feeds the stereotypes that surround this profession. There are plenty of normal and healthy girls that dance and I personally do not want to be associated with the negative stereotypes. Being a drug addict doesn't mean that you are a bad person but at the same time, I don't know what you are capable of doing when you need a fix, when you need to make that money no matter what so you can get more drugs. Sorry but that is reality.
Basically, as a dancer I'm sick tired of the extras that go on. I think that clubs (the owners and managers) are very much aware of most of that stuff and if you sign some paper upon getting hired that says that no prostitution is allowed but then it still goes on......then who do you blame? I think that there needs to be a serious clean up in every strip club in this country.
To make sure that no trafficking goes on, no underage girls are employed and that all the nasty stuff stops.


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Mandy/Jasmine on :

Ugh! When I started dancing in...well some time ago lol, it was so different. Most of the girls were good looking, with a few trailer pretties thrown in. Now it's like they will let anyone take their cloths off. And not being up to snuff with the other girls, the nasty ones sell themselves, which in turn ruins it for the pretty sane ones. Now for me I don't mind a little touching, but when 80% of the dudes I dance for grab my vagina, that's a problem. I agree with the 21 and up. Being 18 is too young to deal with a club and be healthy about it. The human trafficking is a scary trend in a lot of the clubs I've been to lately. Or girls with pimps, which is basically the same thing. I knew a girl who went to work in Memphis, Tennessee. Her first day a guy came up to her and said if she worked she had to be under him because Memphis stands for....Making Easy Money Pimpin Ho's In Style. Hahaa fucking unreal!

Tatiana on :

I just don't get it.....why a dancer would need/want a pimp. I can't wrap my head around it. At Crazy Horse Too in Vegas some girls had pimps (I heard).....I'm assuming that they were prostituting too. And at the Palomino (Vegas) there were signs in the club that said "No Pimps".
Yeah, it's sad when girls do WHATEVER to get a dance and during a dance and then the "normal" girls have to deal with dancing for an aggressive and overly eager octopus that thinks he should be allowed to finger you during a dance. I say weed out the nasty/unattractive dancers and things will get better. Standards should be applied in strip clubs.

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