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The pastries prevailed!

Tatiana woke up today, determined to go to the gym. She has been to the gym a grand total of three times since her arrival to Anchorage. She decided that today would be gym day. She kept that determination for a good 15 minutes until an image of some scrumptious pastries appeared in her head. The pastries won......Instead of the gym she headed straight for The French Oven a great place where you can find really delicious almond croissants, (Tatiana got two), and apple strudels, (Tatiana got one). After that she got herself an iced vanilla with whipped cream, of course, and a fruit smoothie and headed home to indulge and read all the latest gossip magazines. A great way to spend a few hours, don't you think?


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Ulrika on :

Now you just need a semla too:) (Dont know if they have a word for that in english)

I think it is well spend hours. You need that some times!

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