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Tatiana woke up thinking "Tokidoki". That means SOMETIMES in Japanese and it is also a clothing brand and a purse brand. Julia and Tatiana love Tokidoki and they have been on a hunt for some Tokidoki purses for some time now.
So the girls spent this Sunday afternoon shopping at the malls in Mandalay Bay and Alladin. No Tokidoki purses this time, the girls couldn't find what they wanted.
Instead they got four pairs of very cute panties and some pink knee high socks at Urban Outfitters, they each got a Harajuku Lovers shirt and some eye cream with tourmaline from Aveda because Julia has been fearing eye wrinkles lately.
The girls love shopping of course. Julia still needs to find some new jeans, maybe Juicy or Frankie B and Tatiana has her mind set on some Kabbalah candles.
Do YOU have any suggestions?


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