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It's Monday

It's Monday and cold! I am fully recovered from what I figured out was food poisoning! YUCK!
I don't know if I ever had food poisoning like THAT before, I was out a whole day and night.
It grosses me out to think that I ate something that made my body react like that.
Today I woke up to sunny but cold weather. I took Chhaya out for a long walk. Do I want to venture out in the cold? Not really but Chhaya does. I cope by putting on lots of layers and Chhaya wears a sweater and boots, otherwise her little paws get cold. And I never regret the walk afterwards, it is always good to be outside. With a few exceptions. It is due to warm up here in a day or two and I'm looking forward to that. What else did I do today? Plucked my overgrown eyebrows, located a few blackheads on my nose and got rid of those. Squeeeeeeze! SEXY! At least I don't have a beard! LOL. In a bit I am going to the gym to sweat out whatever might be left of the nasty food poisoning germs in my body.
The other day a friend called me after reading that recent blog I wrote about being a total narcissist and taking a ton of selfies of myself and carefully told me that she does not think that I am a preoccupied-with-myself-narcissist at all. I laughed and said that it was written more as a joke. Yes, I do take lots of pics of myself but I have no problem owning up to some other people that pretend that they are not into themselves at all. A few months ago when I was taking pics of myself (for the blog) some lame girl in the dressing room was like, "What are you doing?" I said, "Taking pictures of myself, what else does it look like I'm doing?" DUH!!!! Then she proceeded to tell me in a snarky tone that she takes maybe one pic of herself a year. Ok, so very interesting, I will note that down......I thought to myself. Funny thing is, her Facebook is full of pics of herself and notes about that she is amazing and sexy (written by herself). What? LOL. She looks like a pregnant goat to me but we all have different taste.....I'm rather picky with my ladies. Next time I see her I will ask her about that. One thing I can't stand is hypocrites. I have a great memory (probably highly annoying for some, ha ha) for that stuff. If you say something or criticize something and then you do it yourself, I will be the annoying person that will hold you accountable for your past statements. It would be like me preaching about not letting guys ever touch my boobs during a lap dance but then do it anyways, that would make me a hypocrite, right? We are all full of flaws, at least I know I have a few. ;-)
Own up to them instead of pretending that you don't have them. Speaking of boob touching......Last time I worked some perv (a nice perv but an annoying perv still) kept on offering me more $ if he could touch mine. I kept on saying NOOOOO. He usually dances with FUGLY and The Bulldog, so I can just imagine what kind of dances he is used to.
After spending $ 300 on dances from me he finally understood that nothing more would happen and decided not to get anymore dances. No problem. I said a long time ago that if anyone catches me LETTING a guy touch my boobs at work I would give them $ 500 and that offer still stands. The key word here is "LETTING" as in allowing them to paw on my boobs without slapping their hands away or moving out the way. Sometimes (very rarely but it has happened, I'm not going to lie) people try to cop a feel. I am usually on top of things and see this and can avoid it but a few times it has been unavoidable. And I don't like it. A long time ago my friend Sara danced in Tokyo, I heard from so many people that I should had worked there (back in the day when it was good) because I could had made so much money there
(I guess my look is "popular" in Japan?). But at the club she worked boob touching was included in a dance, it seemed to me that if I wouldn't allow it I wouldn't make any money so I did not want to go and get subjected to that. I have always wanted to go to Japan and especially to Tokyo. Now I kind of think I should had went and tried it and seen if I could had worked without allowing any boob touching. And then just quit and tried a different club if I was uncomfortable with the situation. Getting your boobs milked and squeezed by a ton of different people on a regular basis, I could NOT handle that. BLEH! That's why girls drink or do drugs at work people. To cope. I don't. And then some of them are just alcoholics or druggies in general. Sara also told me that on average one girl a week would break down. Why I'm not sure. Too much to handle I guess? I know that they had a tough schedule, six day a week for three months.

One more thing before I go. I can see in my statistic what keywords bring people to my blog. Most just type in the blog address but others come across it by certain search words. Somebody typed in "men prefer fds spray or summers eve spray." LOL! I wrote a blog or two about girls at work frenetically spraying down their VAGINES with that stuff. It smells like grandma perfume to me. And if you need VAG deodorizer then WTF???? Usually a shower before work (which SHOULD be a given if you are a dancer) should take care of any possible odors in that area. So I don't think men prefer neither fds or summer eve ladies. In case you wonder......
And here you go, a freshly new selfie of me and my adult sippy cup. Amaaaazing and SEKSI! LOL!


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Annette on :

I love your are so entertaining:-) I was feeling blue because we got a lot of snow but you made me laugh. I think you are good therapy!!!
Sometimes people get food poisoning from comes from people touching food. I think that is what you had. Remember I am a lab tech. I get weirded out sometimes a gatherings with people touching food.

Tatiana on :

I'm glad I could humor you this evening Annette!
Ewwww......staph.....l am suspicious of buffets sometimes, people coughing and/or sneezing next to the food......

Annette on :

I cannot eat a buffets. Everyone uses the same spoon to get their food.....I don't know where their hand's have been...eek!
What makes me laugh is your say what I think a lot of times ;-)

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