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Tatiana the chef

So Tatiana is not a wizard in the kitchen. She is not totally clueless either but she would rather go out and dine or have someone cook for her instead of attempting to make an elaborate meal herself. She can make pierogis, but they have to be premade, then all Tatiana has to do is fry them up with some onions and serve them with sour cream. Very good! She can boil water for tea and boil eggs. She knows how to make a yummy greek salad. Things like that.
The other night when Tatiana got home from work, she was HUNGRY and needed to eat something, fast. So she decided on making some Quinoa. She doesn't really know how this happened but she had some kitchen towels laying on the stove and somehow the towels managed to catch on fire. The whole apartment got really stinky, kind of smoky and the fire alarm went off at 3 am. Tatiana was jumping up and down, wearing her thong only, frantically waiving a towel in front of the fire alarm to make it stop ringing. Chhaya looked at her like "seriously, WTF"? Then Tatiana had to open the front door and a window to air the place out. It was really cold out, so her apartment got icy.
At 3 am, after work, all Tatiana wants to do is have a nice, quiet down time. This was not her idea of relaxation.


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Now thats funny.

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