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Santas Little Helper

I finally got everything packaged, sealed, declared and shipped off. What an ordeal! Seriously. I'm happy I'm done (almost). I got lucky and arrived at the post office when the line wasn't too bad. When I got up to the counter, the line behind me was really long. It took about 30 minutes from start to finish, so not that long and the cost? North of $ 200. It's the international shipping that is the expensive part. Bohoooooo......I could had gotten myself some nice boots or two relaxing facials for that money. But then again, it's Christmas and I can't help myself, I like giving. So this year Santa (me) had many people on the list. It's good that I had my little helper Chhaya by my side. I still have a few more gifts to wrap and deliver but that can wait until next week, on Christmas.

And here are the gifts that got delivered personally.

Speaking of gifts, while driving into town I heard the list of the most commonly asked for Christmas gifts by children 100 years ago. In order.....candy, nuts, rocking horse, doll, mittens or gloves, toy train, oranges,books, handkerchief and skates. Hmmmmm.......interesting.
I have included chocolate and toffee (candy), arm warmers and gloves, books and a couple of dolls in my Christmas presents this year. So some of the same things as 100 years ago.


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