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Bla, bla, blaaaaah.........

Today I had a block heater put in my car. It is rather cold here actually, about - 15 at night, for all my European friends that are reading this, that is - 26!
Hopefully this block heater will work out well.
I had to get little boots for Chhayas feet to protect them from the cold. And the salt on the road.

Ok, so I just finished watching Rock Of Love 3. Seriously, what a bunch of extremely scary looking women they managed to scrape together for this one. Freak show! Once again, I recognize one of them from the clubs on Vegas. Brittany. I remember that I used to think that she was really scary looking, with gargantuan way too large fake boobs, I mean just awful looking and a stretched out, a weird looking face due to too many surgeries. Horrible style and could not walk like a woman at all. And that would pretty much sum up what the rest of the "things" he has on this third round look like. There might be one or two that are cute, time will reveal them, I hope. There is a pretty brunette and maybe one or two more promising ones. But looking at those things and their bad boob jobs and duck lips and melting faces makes me really appreciate natural beauty. Too much plastic surgery makes a woman look WEIRD, a man too btw, Bret himself should definitely not go under the knife any more. He looks almost womanly, more womanly than some of the "things" on his show actually.
After watching all of these Rock Of Loves, my faves still are Daisy (worked with her at Shotguns) and Megan. I am happy Daisy is getting her own show and I hope Megan gets one too.
Plastic surgery in moderation ladies, if you feel the need to do it. The tranny look is not in unless you are a tranny!
But in the end I guess we all do whatever we think will make us happy.........

I am going to take Chhaya out now and then get ready for bed. Good night!


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Robert on :

I agree with your cautions about moderation under the knife!

Good Night, R

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