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Birthday and New Years already over with......

Time goes by so fast, doesn't it?
Tatiana remembers when she was little and a week seemed so long and a month almost like forever. Now time is going by with lightning speed, not so amusing at all. Too fast.......
December 27 was Tatianas birthday, she celebrated it by having her pores squeezed and examined up close under a blinding light, it's called facial, most girls like it for some reason. Then some food and then some reading. Super exciting birthday! Really relaxing, just what Tatiana wanted.
Tatiana had to work New Years Eve, kind of weird since she has been in LA at Together As One for like the last five New Years or so. But the night went by pretty fast, a few of the girls at The Bush put on a great show. Alexis was the ringmaster, really good, Nikki and Joy had a routine in the air, very artistic and pretty and Daisy was sooooo superhot, more than usual. Daisy has the best butt ever, it is perfect!
Tatiana was content, there will be many more raves in the future, though she missed out on this year she will be back at Together As One with a vengeance!
Hope all of you will have a wonderful and positive 2009! All the best!
~ T ~


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Kevin on :

Your vest doesn't look very practical for the weather we have been having.

Tatiana on :

Kevin! I am so dressed for the - 15 weather! My vest has fur trim, I am good to go!!

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