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So Sad

Sorry I am too tired to write about that shooting in Nairobi right now....maybe another time. Instead I am SO FUCKING SAD and UPSET! Over this
If you read that article and think that the person or persons (if it's several) should be allowed to live.....then I think there is something seriously wrong with you. My heart breaks into pieces when I see stuff like that. HOW can you possibly do something like that? I don't understand. What kind of a fucked up world is this? Human beings are the most vile, evil and disgusting creatures that have ever walked on this planet.
I want people like that executed. I do. I don't care if they come up some sorry sob story about a sad childhood or whatever to evoke sympathy. Most people had traumatic events growing up. I had a few. You probably did too. But that doesn't mean that I should take out my bad experiences on a defenseless and innocent animal. Again, I HATE people that do this.
They deserve death.
And please, spay and neuter that pet you claim you love OR do not breed your pet. What if your beloved pet's puppies or kittens get subjected to abuse? How would you feel then?


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Annette on :

I hate when animals are abused....I couldn't read the whole storey. I get so upset and sick to my stomach. All I know is what you do will come back to you......people like that should be put to death.

Tatiana on :

YES they should! Death. Absolutely!
And THANK YOU Annette for commenting, at least YOU can take one minute out of your busy day for that......all those readers on here every day and Annette is the only one that is expressing her sympathy and feelings for an important issue like this.

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