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What an amazing night at work last night! WOW! We had five girls and only one did any dances.....the one that always gets dances no matter what....FUGLY! Yes, she is still here and STILL wearing the same outfit, going on month four now! Although she is telling some people that she has 16 or 20 of THAT SAME style outfit (depending on who is repeating her story). Hmmmm interesting, maybe that is true but then how come all outfits have the same hole and stain on the skirt, AT LEAST buy some needle and thread and sow that hole shut for crying out loud (LOL) and all the 20 bra's are falling apart at the same areas at the seam? It is actually quite hilarious! I think there might be some mental issues going on with FUGLY, because who in their RIGHT mind would wear the same ratty and whitish/gray outfit, as a dancer, for FOUR straight months? And the same shoes. And work every single night? I mean, it is great to be ambitious but there is a difference between being ambitious and obsessed. She also sits around and constantly bites her nails and glares at the other girls from underneath her hair. I don't know what is wrong with men but I guess promises of sex, and sex (according to many, girls and guys alike, I hear she has quite the reputation around here now) trash talking the other girls in the club (Sharon has overheard her talk trash more than once when she used to do bartending), making out during lap dances, getting her private parts examined, her butt cheeks spread wide open, chomping down on the crotch area on guys with her mouth wide open (over the pants), getting her breasts examined by hands and mouths, rubbing guys over the crotch area repeatedly with her hands, ummmmm......did I forget anything? Oh, I also heard under charging for dances and/or giving deals, like it's WalMart! Well all of that equals.....CHA-CHING.....$$$$!!!
OF COURSE I am jealous! OF COURSE! Isn't that the way all girls are? Jealous. That seems to be the easiest road to take when you look to blaming somebody for speaking up. NO. I am not jealous, I have absolutely NO reason to be. I would never wear an outfit for that long.
I actually do care about my appearance. And my lap dances and behavior inside the club would NEVER consist of any of the stuff I just mentioned. That is just pure repulsive. I'd rather be homeless than do shit like that. What FUGLY does outside of the club.....well that is really her business, although most dancers frown upon working with girls that do stuff outside of the club, although it is much better that they take their nasty business somewhere else. There have been a few girls this summer and last that spoke up (BRAVE and I applaud them for standing up for what's right) and said something about this issue, because it is so obvious that there is something very wrong going on. But hey, she is getting away with it and it is up to management in the end, to clean up the club. But it seems like the ugly side of capitalism is rearing it's head here, FUGLY is making the club money, that seems to be more important than anything else.
I can tell you this much. This would NOT fly in many clubs, the not changing the outfit and the nasty stuff. One more thing I should mention. I don't like FUGLY. Because I don't like this kind of BEHAVIOR, I do not know her outside of the club and neither do I care to. Maybe she is a sweetie outside of the club but I kind of doubt it. When I do not like a person, if I have to be around them, I am polite (if I have to) but not engaging. I am not going to say stuff like this about FUGLY and then smile in her face, give her fake compliments and plan on spa days together. Because that is FAKE and I do not want to be fake. There are girls in the club that whisper bad stuff about poor FUGLY but then they pretend to be her friend, that is disgusting too. At least I don't pretend. We work together and I ignore her for the most part.

One of my co workers celebrated her birthday last night. There was yummy cake and balloons. I wanted some pictures with the balloons, not the best quality because my photographer had shaky hands and did not quite know what she was doing.....but better than nothing. The balloons are red and white, the colors of the Polish flag. And I am Miss you can see. Long walks on the beach, daily vanilla lattes and many pastries will give you this physique. It's easy.


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Shelley on :

Tatiana, your body looks really good

Paul on :

Does fugly read this blog?

Miss Poland, please tell us what pastries you eat to get that physique ;-)

Tatiana on :

Here is Miss Poland's pastry regimen....take note people!
Almost every day....either a blueberry scone or a blackberry muffin accompanied with my vanilla latte, that's breakfast. Those are made at Coffee Roasters and have oats, flour, sugar and lots of berries.
Once in a while a chocolate covered Bavarian creme filled donut from the Moose Is Loose in Soldotna.

Does FUGLY read the blog? I'm not sure and I don't care whether she does or not. I have never seen FUGLY read anything, she is too busy texting all her "boyfriends" asking them to come in and have some play for pay with her at work.

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