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Nikiski Pool

I finally paid a visit to Nikiski pool today.....Swam some laps, tried the water slide and jumped off the trampoline. I should swim more often, I like it. It is relaxing and soothing. Afterwards I felt tired and took a nap when I got home and now it is almost time to start getting ready for work. I want to retire! No more work!


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Jim on :

You should of made use of the hot tub while you were there. It is unique that it uses high volume low pressure air for the jets. They give you a massage of sorts as the air bubbles roll up your back.

Tatiana on :

I did try the hot was ok, the jets should be stronger, a real massage feels better.....!

Mike on :

This is the most beautiful picture of you, with or without makeup. You look so honestly happy. I love it!

Tatiana on :

Thank You! ❤
Glad you like it.....I do too!

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