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Still Raining

It is still raining here......I just want a little sliver of sunshine....a few hours in the afternoon to lay out and soak it up.
I stayed home last night, me and Angelica rented some movies.

The original Evil Dead scared me so much when I first watched it, I was a teenager then. I still have flashbacks to certain parts that scared me. This new one was too bloody. Like blood shooting out of body was entertaining (kind of) but not scary. Then perhaps things don't scare me to the same effect now. I got hardened by life....HA! I LOVE haunted houses, Halloween is my favorite holiday.
I am at Coffee Roasters (of course). A hot vanilla latte tastes extra good on a rainy day.

I remembered something today. An ex boyfriend in Sweden. I was young and "in love".
We were actually together for a few years and then I got tired of him and broke up. He was sad for years afterwards. Good! :-D
But I remember one evening in his room, he held up a record cover, if I remember it right it was Pebbles, if anybody recalls her, she did a song called Girlfriend , I like that song, I have it on my iPod.....great message to all girls out there. He held up the record and said something to the style of that she was so hot and why didn't I look like that? He also watched porn and made some suggestions about some sexual things he wanted me to do. I was not ok with that and the porn made me feel insecure, sad and jealous. Well, I grew up, matured and learned a lot since then. I have enough confidence in myself and who I am to give it away to hundreds of other girls and still have enough left over for myself.
Like Pebbles sang...."there's other fish in the sea."


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