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A day in my life (super exciting!)

Woke up kind of early (for me), around 9 30 am because I had an appointment with the optometrist, needed a new prescription so I can get new contact lenses. Time to trash the old ones.
First thing first though, took Chhaya out. Then I went and had breakfast, huevos and coffee with lots of milk and sugar. I love breakfast. After the appointment, some walking around in the mall, then Borders where I got a hardcover copy of Twilight . Excited over it. Then I got a chai. A venti hot chai. Came back home, got online, started reading Twilight , decided that I want to see the movie again because Edward is soooooo hot, felt lazy, napped a little. Got on the phone with some friends in Vegas. Took Chhaya out for a longer walk, lots of fresh snow, she loved it. After that, drove to Fred Meyer, got some groceries, Came home, made myself a large salad, tea with sugar and lemon, ate some cake. Read more Twilight . Decided that I am too lazy and unmotivated to work, I deserve a day off. Will stay in, read, cuddle Chhaya and read. Super exciting, right?

Last night at work though was more exciting that usual! Amber, my pretty raver girlfriend came in. She is so cute! Yummy!!! Maybe we'll go to a rave together one day. Played Paul Van Dyk For An Angel . Classic.
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Ben on :

Hi Tatiana
You are so beautiful and I would love to take you to breakfast, dinner, lunch. You really are so beautiful.

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