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Tell me this isn't true!

Ok, Tatiana was just online when she came across some information that prompted her to write this blog.....
There is some information out claiming that Sara Palin didn't know that Africa is a continent and that she also didn't know what countries are in NAFTA, for your info the countries are US, Canada and Mexico.
Tatiana hopes that this is a joke. I mean come on! This was reported on Fox and you can probably view it on YouTube or look it up.
It is understandable that a busy Mom of five (Tatiana hopes that the Palins will choose not to have any more children, Bristol can give birth now) can't keep track of everything in politics. Though Tatiana knew that Africa was a continent in first grade...... But we are not talking about any ordinary Mom here, we are talking about the potential vice president here! A vice president should preferably have some common knowledge about the world! Has Sara Palin even been outside the US? Tijuana doesn't count!
Tatiana is seriously thinking about entering politics.......she is well traveled, can converse with all kinds of people, she is opinionated, speaks about four languages.....and she is cute - not to brag too much here! Perfect!


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eric on :

hi tatiana.... how are you?? hope all is good in your world!!
you already have my vote tatiana... you would make politics look hot too... lol... i am lovin you....eric

ERIc aka soyboy on :

i couldn't get past the spam protection on your borat blog...
not so nice!!
so i ll put it her...
very nice,,,, sexy time nice...
borat is good,,, yes...
i bought the dvd too...
check out the outakes and extras on it...
funny too..
and very nice...

Harry on :

Tatiana you should be a world leader. I am your humble servant.

ulrika on :

I absolutly think you should enter politics. They need you! Then you ould do something about the dog fighting too. That is so discusting. I just wanna cry when I read about things like that.

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