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Lake Michigan

I have never seen a lake as HUGE as Lake Michigan. I can't believe it is a lake! Went on an architectural tour of the city by boat. It was very nice, perfect weather, beautiful water.
After that some walking around the city and onto the pier. I think that I have a new fave city.......Chicago. It used to be New York City, I love that place but Chicago seems nicer.

Also a new fave place for tea. Argo tea, very yummy!

At night we went to King Spa. Open 24 hours, so we didn't get there until 11. We got some scrubbing gloves and got clean from head to toe. I love places like this and King Spa was very nice I have to say. The amethyst room is amazing. In fact all the different rooms were. I tried to take pictures but cameras are not allowed and the pics I did sneak in turned out too dark because I turned off the flash. They even had a room for VAGINE "facials", I wrote a blog about that a while back. You sit on a toilet looking chair while your neither parts get a steam bath with different herbs, the main one wormwood. I really wanted to sit in one of those chairs for a pic but the mean Korean spa attendant would had probably spanked me.

Read my old blog about the VAGINE facial here


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Angelica on :

Great pic of me biting your dupa!

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